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From the Publishers:

Boston, MA – May 31, 2016 – Hear ye, hear ye! Phoenix Online Publishing and Digital Bounce House are excited to announce the developer’s premiere release of their hilarious 8-bit fantasy adventure, Tick’s Tales: Up All Knight, coming on June 9th! Colorful retro-graphics meet a modern comedic narrative in this send-up and homage to the classic point-and-click quest adventures. Coming to the Phoenix Online Store (, Steam, the Humble Bundle Store, and other online retailers, Tick’s Tales: Up All Knight will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux for $7.99. 

Neighborhood troublemaker Tick wants nothing more than to be a hero and earn the love of the girl of his dreams, Georgia McGorgeous. The only way is to pass the tests of Strength, Courage, and Wisdom to prove his worth and draw the legendary Sword of Blergh from the stone! But before Tick can win her heart, he will also have to save Georgia and his entire town from the clutches of the evil goblin Bloodclot! 

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“I was so entranced by the adventure games of the late 80's that I learned how to read in order to play them,” said Bryce Covert, creator and one-man team behind the game. “All of the elements that I grew up loving in this genre made their way into Tick's tales in some form or another. I wanted it to have it all—the unique puzzles, clever humor, and the lighthearted spirit of adventures past, while certainly being something new and entertaining.” 

Key Features 
• Thumb your nose at destiny, become the hero you were meant to be, and win the heart of the girl of your dreams!
• Save the town and battle the evil goblin Bloodclot with your magic sword!
• Charming retro 8-bit graphics and a classic quest.
• Clever and challenging puzzles
• Includes a soundtrack of upbeat music to buoy the adventurer's spirit!
• Fourth-wall breaking fun and humor—great for fans of the golden age of adventure games!

The adventure begins on June 9th! For more information, visit


TICK'S TALES (Up All Knight) is a retro comical walk and talk adventure from Phoenix Publishing and Digital Bounce House.

The game bagins with our hero, Tick, in a black hole. When he calls out to nobody in particular, nobody in particular answers back that Tick is dead. He naturally questions this - you get to select from a list of questions - and is drawn up from the blackness to where the Wizard Gandarf is floating above three choices of Destiny - A Broom, A Shovel and A Sword. Tick is told that one of these is his Destiny and that he must take one and jump with it into the pit of Fate.

Naturally Tick chooses the Sword because he wants to become a great Knight and win the hand (and the rest of her) of Georgia McGorgeous. But first he has to pull the sword from the stone and rescue Georgia from the evil Goblin. However, before any of that, Tick has to gain the Sword of Destiny and Gandarf doesn't want him to take it, in fact the olde Wizard is more of the opinion that Tick should choose to be either a Gravedigger (selecting the shovel) or a Janitor (the broom). This is the first of the enchanting puzzles you have to solve and for once it is quite easy (for "quite" read "very").

Naturally all the puzzles aren't as easy to solve, otherwise the game would be over in minutes, and thhus Tick sets out on his journey to meet with and speak to as many people as he can about his dreams of becoming a Knight. Like all adventure games whenever Tick speaks with someone in the hope of gaining an insight into his quest or some help towards it they want something from him. And so it goes ....

Along the way Tick meets a number of friendly (mostly) characters, rescues a treed cat, arm wrestles a suit of armour and wise-cracks his way through the tale. At most decision points Tick has several lines of text from which you select what he will say or do. Generally a wrong choice will get you nowhere, except perhaps to go round in a circle until you find the key to unlock the next puzzle. Also, like so many puzzle based games, you occasionally think you know what you need, either as an item or to do, but until you have unlocked the trigger the resolve is kept distant from you - everything has a place in the story and there is little room for freelancing and freewheeling; you have freedom of movement to an extent but the game is rather linear so even if you do collect something you currently don't need you cannot use it, even if you know what it's most likely for, until you have triggered the action.

More and more games are using retro style graphics and comic-book style stories which really does confuse me because games consoles and computers are being loaded with larger and larger hard-drives, faster than sound disc drives and top of the range highest quality sound and effects cards, and yet here we are in 2016 with technology we couldn't have even dreamed about back in the 80's playing games that look like they were written for the Commodore 64 or ZX Spectrum, and we are lapping them up.


TICK'S TALES is a good old fashioned romp. It offers little if anything new by way of sounds, graphics, or story, but it is fun to play, if just for the opportunity to see yesteryear's blocky onscreen character builds taking advantage of today's technology. The puzzles are like doing crosswords, they have a familiar feel to them but still need some thinking about and give satisfaction when completed.

Overall it's a fun retro style game which is fairly reminiscent of  the creative history of Robin Hood and the fables of King Arthur, mixed amongst the humour of that good old favourite "Monkey Island"


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