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Today we've got a treat for Thunderbirds fans with three new releases, Thunderbirds the Roleplaying gameThunderbirds Devious Schemes Bonus Cards and a FABulousThunderbird dice set.
Thunderbirds fans have already been enjoying  Matt Leacock's acclaimed Thunderbirds Board Game, where players take on the duties of International Rescue, the secret organisation formed to carry out rescue missions around the globe based on Gerry Anderson's classic Supermarionation TV series.  Now Thunderbirds The Roleplaying Game is set to take your Thunderbirds gaming experience even further, by using the same components to create a quick light roleplaying game  based around the thrilling missions of International Rescue.
You'll also be able to expand both your Thunderbirds Board Game and Thunderbirds Roleplaying Game with this Devious Schemes set of cards. With these additional 5 cards (plus one reference card) you'll have extra challenging Level I-IV schemes and the first exceptionally hard level V Scheme. Prepare to launch as the Thunderbirds Devious Schemes are go!
You can also expand both your Thunderbirds Board Game and Thunderbirds Roleplaying Game experiences with this set of  two Thunderbirds dice. Each six side die has the silhouette of the nefarious Hood occupying one face, so make sure you avoid that on critical rolls! Enhance your chances of carrying out a successful International Rescue Mission with this handsome two dice set, an essential accessory for Thunderbirds fans everywhere.
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