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I have been using the Thrustmaster F1 wireless controller for some fair while now and I didn't think I would get to like any other controller better.
In truth I haven't found one that is actually "better" but the Thrustmaster T-Wireless Black controller is as close to being better as it possibly could
be. It is smaller yet still easy and comfortable to hold. It is black (always a good selling point to gaming anoraks like myself). It has shorter handholds
which allow it to fit snugly into the palms of your hands instead of being held like you would a pair of shears. It has less buttons and lights than the F1,
smaller, at least shorter, thumb sticks and an easy to use 4-way that doesn't have the special thumb ring.
The battery compartment is larger (takes 3 batteries) and has a more accessible opening hatch (I'm always wary I may break the one on the F1) and
there are no underneath index finger buttons to worry about - all buttons are on the ends (2 right and 2 left) or on top along with one tiny LED that 
lights up when it is switched on.
I now prefer the T-Wireless Black controller but this is only because I have fairly small hands and it is more comfortable to hold. It does the same very
efficient job as the F1. Both have a USB wireless pick-up that will work from a hub of USBs plugged into your PS3.
NOTE: When you purchase the T-Wireless Black it will come in a vacuum packed plastic bubble package. There is a specific box in this package for the
USB pick-up. BUT the USB pick-up is NOT in that box. It IS sealed and taped behind the THRUSTMASTER name. I mention this as a CAUTION as
I had not found the USB in the proper box and had assumed that it was missing. I had cut up the plastic bubble (because there is no other way to open it)
and thrown it in the waste bin. It was only as an afterthought that I went back and searched the plastic that I found the USB. So Be Warned. 



London, June 20, 2012 — Thrustmaster is updating its celebrated PC and PlayStation®3-compatible wireless gamepad and also offering it as a pack of 2 controllers, in preparation for a season of cooperative games and sports games, with the European Football Championship and Summer Olympic Games on the way,

The Thrustmaster best-seller returns, as the “T-Wireless Black” Platinum edition

This gamepad, the Platinum edition of which will retail for less than £20 (VAT included), has several key features to recommend it: it is compatible with both PlayStation®3 and PC, is a wireless controller and employs 2.4 GHz technology. Using only 3 AAA batteries it provides more than 50 hours of battery life for all-out extended gaming sessions.

To enhance comfort the T-Wireless Black features 360° non-slip grips for the 2 handles and textured rubber on the 2 mini-sticks, creating excellent handling and built for intensive gaming sessions.

In technical terms, the T-Wireless Black is a powerhouse of technology: fully programmable, all of its buttons can be swapped, thanks to the exclusive "Mapping" function. It features a "Home" button for access to PlayStation®3 menus, and also automatically synchronizes the gamepad with its receiver for an easy, user-friendly experience in multiplayer mode: the latter feature, like its extended battery life, is the result of the development by Thrustmaster's R&D teams of a communication protocol between the gamepad and the receiver. This allows for the last connection made to be stored in memory, the elimination of interference with other devices operating in the 2.4 GHz band, and – last but not least – optimized battery life.

·         The T-Wireless Black will be available from June, at a suggested retail price of £19.99 (VAT included).


And why not go for a pack of 2 gamepads, with the “T-Wireless Duo Pack”?                        


Knowing that the T-Wireless Black will be particularly appreciated for use in cooperative games, Thrustmaster is also offering it in a pack of 2 controllers: the T-Wireless Duo Pack. It includes 2 of the T-Wireless Black type gamepads described above, but with a twist – one controller is black, while the other is brilliant white, allowing players to each have their own designated color. Gaming sessions, whether inspired by the European Football Championship or the events of the Olympic Games, now have the perfect accessory with which to compete on the virtual playing fields of PlayStation®3 and PC.


·         The T-Wireless Duo Pack will be available from June, at a suggested retail price of £34.99 (VAT included).THRUSTMASTER REVISITS THE T-WIRELESS




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