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The Thrustmaster Y-250p headset is a dual purpose headphone and speaker set. In fact it is a dual-dual purpose headset.  In fact not only is it headphones and microphone but the same headset is also for the PC and the PS3. Looking online there is quite a discrepancy in the price, running from around £45.00 - £70.00.  As far as value goes they are a very reasonable set of mid-range phones. Used with Skype they give good clarity of sound both ways - you can hear okay and you can be heard ok, though obviously the latter also has to do with the recipients phones. I cannot compare the quality to something like the Dr Dre Beat phones which run out at £150.00 - £500.00 plus as I have never actually used a pair of Dr Dre and at those prices I am unlikely ever to. The Thrustmaster Y-250p is a great set of gaming headphones with the added bonus of the microphone. They are not supposed to be compared to headphones designed specified as music phones.

As I progress in years my hearing has deteriorated a little - my family often remark I have the television up loud now, though to me it is at a comfortable level - so I need good headphones and these are good for me. They are not wireless but they do have a good length of lead, easily enough for you to sit in your normal seat in front of the TV when using them on the PC. I have a set of Panasonic wireless headphones which I use for the PC when I am listening to music and don't wish to disturb my wife - otherwise I like to have loud sounds so she can hear what sounds I am playing - she says it sounds weird when I am singing along out loud and wearing headphones; don't know what she means, I have a grate [sic] voice. The sound quality from the THRUSTMASTER headset is equal to the Panasonic quality as far as I am concerned. I now use the THRUSTMASTER Y-250p in place of my PC LINE headset when I am using Skype or playing online games with vocal contact with other players the Y-250p is much better for both hearing and speaking.

The controller has an LED light system for the Mic on (blue)/off (red) a Voice Feedback switch (on/off to activate by you speaking), Chat volume for the PS3, Mic Gain volume, Bass volume and PS3 game volume (not for PC).  It plugs in via mini-jack but also has phono adaptors separate in a bag.

 Available in different colour combinations

The microphone is adjustable and detachable. The microphone was the only problem I encountered when setting up - I couldn’t hear myself when I spoke into it and it didn’t register on the PC. It turned out that I hadn’t connected the mic to the phones perfectly - my fault as there is a guide and I missed it but it did look like it was properly connected. It sort of snaps into place which makes it a minor weak point if you are going to continually remove and replace it. Otherwise everything is more than fine and I would happily recommend them for the purpose they were designed - games playing.


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