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THE STARSHIP DAMREY, BUGS vs. TANKS!, ATTACK OF THE FRIDAY MONSTERS! A TOKYO TALE Bring Visionary Game Design from Japan’s Most Influential Game Directors

LIBERATION MAIDEN, CRIMSON SHROUD, and AERO PORTER Discounted April 18 through May 30 to Celebrate New Releases

London, United Kingdom - April 17 , 2013 – Renowned Japanese video game companyLEVEL-5, best known for the critically acclaimed Profes - sor Layton , INAZUMA ELEVEN and NI NO KUNI, will bring three new games to North America and Europe this spring via the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS™.  The three titles – THE STARSHIP DAMREY ,BUGS vs. TANKS!and ATTACK OF THE FRIDAY MONSTERS! A TOKYO TALE – were previously released in Japan as part of the GUILD02 collection, and continue LEVEL-5’s commitment to empowering the greatest game creators with the artistic freedom to design ground-breaking titles unavailable for release elsewhere. 

Each title will be available for individual download via the Nintendo eShop.  Additionally, in appreciation of the gamers who have supported the innovation and creativity in game design that the series offers, LEVEL-5 is including exclusive bonus “linked” content in each of the new releases for players who have save data from LIBERATION MAIDEN ™,AERO PORTER ™ or CRIMSON SHROUD ™ on their Nintendo 3DS system. 

To celebrate the release of the new entries in the series in North America and Europe, all three of the above titles will be on sale from April 18 through May 30. LIBERATION MAIDENand CRIMSON SHROUD will be marked down from €7.99/₤7.19 to €4.99/₤4.49, and AERO PORTER will move from €4.99/₤4.49 to €2.99/₤2.69.

“After the success of bringing LIBERATION MAIDEN, AERO PORTER, and CRIMSON SHROUD to North America and Europe last year,  we are excited to bring the latest games in the series to the rest of the world with the participation of three new creators,” said Akihiro Hino, President and CEO of LEVEL-5.  “This series was created to allow top creators to rise to the challenge of bringing innovative and experimental ideas to life as new gaming experiences. Delivering these avant-garde creations via digital distribution is also an incredible opportunity for us.”

Additional details about North American and European release dates and pricing for each of the titles will be released soon.

THE STARSHIP DAMREY is an adventure/horror/suspense game designed by Kazuya Asano ( Kamaitachi no Yoru (The Night of the Sickle Weasel), TORNEKO: The Last Hope )and written by Takemaru Abiko (Kamaitachi no Yoru (The Night of the Sickle Weasel) , TRICK X LOGIC), known as pioneers of text-based adventure games in Japan.  In the game, players awaken to discover that they are trapped in a Cold Sleep capsule aboard the titular Starship Damrey, with no memory of who they are or how they got there.  With no tutorials, explanations, or hints provided, the game was created with the intent that self-discovery and experimentation be an integral part of the experience. An inconceivable truth awaits those willing to discover it.

Bonus linked content for players who have downloaded any of the previously released titles includes a special scenario providing deeper insight into the events that unfold aboard the ship that will be unlocked at the end of the player’s journey.

Comcept’s Keiji Inafune, whose work on MEGA MANOnimusha, and D EAD RISING have brought him international fame and acclaim, introduces BUGS vs. TANKS!, an action shooter set in World War II.  Players will take on the role of a WWII panzer squad that has been shrunk to the size of a bug and find themselves engaged in heated battles against swarms of giant insects as they cling to the hope of returning to normal size.

Featuring tanks pulled straight from the history books, players can customize the body, turret, and paint to obliterate the bugs in their own style. In addition, BUGS vs. TANKS!offers co-op missions with up to four friends and the ability to call for friendly cover fire via StreetPass™.

Bonus linked content for players who have downloaded any of the previously released titles includes an exclusive Gold Tank.

Millennium Kitchen’s Kaz Ayabe is known for mesmerizing many Japanese fans with his heartwarming stories in the Boku no Natsuyasumi (Summer Holidays 20th Century) series .In ATTACK OF THE FRIDAY MONSTERS! A TOKYO TALE, he introduces for the first time, a Tokyo-life simulation game where players will take the role of a young boy named Sohta who lives where the giant monsters from the TV shows of Japan's 1970s come to life every Friday. In this rustic town of tranquil days and idyllic scenery, there lies a nostalgic tale sure to warm your heart.  ATTACK OF THE FRIDAY MONSTERS! A TOKYO TALE will be the first of Kaz Ayabe’s games to be released outside of Japan.

Bonus linked content for players who have downloaded any of the previously released titles includes a Space Defense Department Junior Member Notebook containing concept art and illustrations from the game.

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