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I am happy to announce that my new book, The White Lady is about to come out. It should be open for pre-order some time next week and available around December 10th.

The White Lady is book #2 of The Merchant's Destiny saga and hence it is the sequel of The Orb of Wrath. Below you have a short blurb if you want to know more.

We held yesterday the cover reveal in facebook with a lot of active participation:

In the meantime here is some small appetizer. In this link you can get the first chapter free.

I will keep you posted.

I use this opportunity to wish you a very happy thanksgiving.

Nic Weissman

The White Lady

A new adventure is about to begin. Our heroes will embark in a quest to recover The Eye that Sees it All, a powerful scrying magic artifact. To achieve their goals they will need to travel from the Bor to Darphem, the kingdom of Dwarves. In their trip, they will fight many battles, make new friends and foes and visit other fantastic places like Ellis, the country of elves.

Following the successful formula already used in The Orb of Wrath this sequel combines multiple elements: first and foremost, epic fantasy adventure; but also political plots, interviewed stories, a touch of humor, a pinch of drama and even a love story.

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