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For two millennia the snakemen of old have been spoken of only as ghosts, for it has long been known they were destroyed by the armies of mighty Hekata. If only such tales were true. Entering a state of self-imposed exile, the ophidae have waited patiently for the signal for them to emerge once and rebuild their once glorious empire. At long last the stars have aligned. Nomads in the surrounding regions sense a dark presence in the Snakelands, and fear once again sweeps across the desert. The serpent is on the ascent.

Inside you’ll find:
* A new Professional Edge – Snake Charmer.
* Information on ophidae society and their views on racial purity.
* An overview of the many hazards that await explorers.
* 9 new locations to explore, including the City of the Firmament and the Whispering Oasis.
* 3 new major NPCs.
* A new festival honoring Shamash, god of the sun.
* Ideas for why heroes may visit the Snakelands and adventure seeds.
* Details on Ss’esslis, the god of the ophidae, and Ningirama, deity of protection from snakes.
* 4 new monsters.

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