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Players will take part in an epic Easter hunt

London, UK – March 21, 2013 – Today Ubisoft® and Blue Byte® announced that The Settlers® Online, the browser-based strategy game, will showcase a thrilling Easter event. From today the vast lands of the free-to-play game will be packed with a brand new resource: Easter Eggs.

Players will have to take part in eight adventures to collect as many Easter Eggs as possible to trade and exchange them in the warehouse. They will have access to new buildings for resource production or decoration.

For this particular event a new special building will appear: the Floating House, which can only be placed on water and which can welcome up to 40 Settlers in the first of five upgrade levels. Two Easter specialist characters will stand out; the Veteran will be really helpful for battles and the Experienced Explorer useful to discover areas faster.

Developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte, The Settlers Online combines the popular gameplay elements of The Settlers franchise with brand new features suited to a persistent, web-based browser game. Players are able to settle a new city and join thousands of gamers already online to create or join guilds, trade resources and acquire and exchange bonuses to help each other out along the way to building a mighty kingdom. 

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