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A book featuring musical scores for Amiga and C64 hits such as Great Giana Sisters, Turrican 3 and Apidya breaks Kickstarter records

Chris Huelsbeck’s ‘The Piano Collection’ becomes most successful Piano Album of all time on Kickstarter


(California/USA) The world famous video game composer Chris Huelsbeck (Turrican) and Sound of Games recently funded a Kickstarter campaign in only 66 minutes. The funding goal of $10,000 has already reached more than $60,000 - with six days still remaining. 


"The Piano Collection" contains piano arrangements of the best known Huelsbeck classics from C64 and Amiga, played by pianist and Huelsbeck fan Patrick Nevian (Germany). Scores confirmed so far to be featured within the book include The Great Giana Sisters (Medley), R-Type Theme and Apidya.

In addition to the piano album, Michael Stoeckemann and Filipp Issa from Sound of Games (Germay) are producing a limited Biographical Scorebook. It contains all the piano pieces as sheet music and stories about Chris' career and all the video game scores that are featured in this book. The Biographical Score Book is strictly limited to 500 pieces and nearly sold out, but fans can still get digital copies of it.

The biographical part of the score book will be written by Huelsbeck's old friend and Audun Sørli (Norway).

The download version of the piano album is available for $ 19; the physical CD for $29. for only $20 more, fans can get the Scorebook as PDF, and there is also a 12" double vinyl.

The Kickstarter campaign ends at January 11th 2015 and it is already the most successful Kickstarter piano album of all time.

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