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The ONE RING  Role-playing Game

CUBICLE  7  Adventures over the edge of the Wild

   Cubicle 7 have made an excellent job of publishing Francesco Nepitello’s creative system and setting.

Talking of the setting, it’s Middle-Earth some 5 years after Bilbo has returned from his journey. The Battle of the Five Armies and the reign of Smaug (the dragon) have passed and the future holds, well anyone who has read the books and seen the films knows what is to come. In the meantime we have this opportunity to write the interim period through the adventures our characters are about to embark on.

Like all role-playing games the players are the most important part. The rules can be bent, twisted, discarded and revised or even acknowledged. The scenarios can be moved around and placed in locations that fit them and the current action. The setting remains constant.


The players however, are what determine whether the game is going to work or not. The DM, GM, Narrator or in this case the Loremaster can set the scene, describe the action and send their troops and traps towards the PCs, but if the players don’t make and take the right action/reaction all the rules in the book will not help.


Maybe the rules as such (or per se) cannot help but that will not be the fault of Cubicle 7 and this accomplished producton.


Here, in the hard cover slip case, we find two soft cover volumes, a set of specially created dice and a pair of maps. The books are the Adventurer’s Book (Players Guide) and the Loremaster’s Book (GM’s Guide) and each is written to ease the players and GMs into the game for the maximum efficiency and enjoyment.


The basics of any role-play game is the dice or random factor used  to determine success and failure. In The ONE RING this revolves around the tried and tested Target Number mechanic, but of course there is a twist to this just to spice things up.


The twist comes in two forms. One is the addition of a D12 which has Runes in place of the 11 and 12. The other is the use of 6 sided dice which have special Runes on the 6.


More than in any other role-playing game the time is vitally  important. I don’t mean time by the clock but by the season and the year. Remember we all know what is in the future so everything that we create while playing is, in some small or not so small way leading up to the destruction of Sauron and the One Ring and the departure of the Elves.


This is by far the best role-play adaption of Tolkien’s fantasies that I have ever read. The characters are well rounded and built around the races and cultures of Middle-Earth.


The majority of these adventures are set in the Wilderlands  and the Maps, one colour, one line-art, depict the main regions for the adventures. There is, as you would expect, an introductory scenario to get you started.


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