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This game will be coming to Kickstarter later this year in 2018 and will be a cooperative adventure in a drowned world on the edge of extinction. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?! Here's some of the background they released about the game...

"The world is drowning.  GRIMLORD GAMES

When the Everrain began, no alarms were rung, no calls to action were cried. But as the weeks became months and the months flowed into years....the rain would not cease. The years are elapsing, and not a moment passes where the oppressive and suffocating sky does mock us with its torrent. Even the very land has begun to disappear beneath the waves, and before long I fear the rising tides will take us all. We must do something, or a watery grave will be the fate of everything and everyone.

At first, we did not understand, and so we searched for the cause of the Everrain, but the truth brought no solace. Ancient Ones of the ocean have awoken, and the world is no longer in their image. For too long the denizens of the earth have prospered, and Old Gods have arisen to usher in a new age of the Sea. We must do something before all is lost to the rising tides. Stop the Everrain…or drown in the flood of the new world."

We also got our first glimpse this week at one of the big enemies from the game, The Amar.

The Amar - Grimlord Games

This is just one of the twisted creatures you're going to be facing when it comes to this game. The design for the creature is awesome, drawing on the undersea theme with the look of a spider crab to its appearance. The long wicked sword works in line with this design too and it's all topped off by that sinister grin on its face!


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