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The Collider

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The following text, in blue, is what it says about The Collider on the Short Break Studios website page. To be honest I can't add a lot more about the game, except to say that although it may have simple controls it is anything but simple to master. It is also quite difficult to get screenshots because the action is so darn fast that if I take a half-second to press the [Print Screen] key I will have crashed my spaceship. It is relentless, giving the players no time to gather their thoughts or regroup their mindset.

I can liken it to being on a roller-coaster, a very tall, very fast roller-coaster. The start has you shooting off into space and then suddenly swerving to the left to enter a hulking great mass of space station (at least that's what it looks like in the brief moment I had to view it). Then, like reaching the top of the coaster, the downhill spiral begins. You are in a steel corridor with half-open or less than half-open doors ahead of you. These doors are circular and open at various positions on the clockface, thus the first may be at 3 o clock and just as you straighten up the next is at 6 o clock or 12 o clock. Inbetween the doors you are expected to hit the booster button to speed you up or else your timer will run out and you will crash into a wall resulting in a massive ball of red, orange and yellow flame which disspiates almost as soon as it explodes, and you are back on the launch pad ready to try again.

I did as it said and tested my reflexes. Going by the way I performed on this I am already dead, I can't get very far at all. Each time I play I seem to go that bit further and then I feel confidant and the wall comes at me at such speed I cannot react in time. Your spaceship is not armed and pressing buttons and/or keys will only result in you going faster or flipping up, down and sideways. The problem is not only am I too slow or not focussed enough but that the game is so darned addictive that no matter how many times or how badly I fail I keep going back and trying again. COLLIDER is a game that wants to beat the player and show them who is the boss; and I am a player who doesn't like to be beaten, though I do know who the boss it, that'd be the wife then !!

If you like to zip your fingers of one hand across the keyboard whilst swiftly and expertly guiding a fast moving missile onscreen using the mouse in the other hand then you will thoroughly enjoy COLLIDER. Heck, I get elated at going through to the end of the first level before exploding so who knows (I will one day) what it must feel like to kick COLLIDER's butt. This is almost certainly the game all sci-fi playing adrenaline junkies have been waiting for. 

Test your reflexes in this high-speed arcade game!

The Collider is a fast-paced and compelling arcade game that you can download and play in seconds!

Pilot your spaceship to avoid obstacles on gorgeous futuristic levels. Thanks to simple controls, you can quickly jump into the game to start climbing leaderboards and sharing your replays on Facebook and YouTube.

Game features:

The Collider 2

Destroy the colossal mothership looming over the planet and save your homeworld! With a fleet of high-tech starfighters at your disposal, take on a series of suicidal missions to destroy the alien invader from the inside. Take down reactors, collect sensitive data, and avoid lethal defenses as you maneuver through the vents of the enemy vessel at near light-speed velocity – you are the last hope of your people!

Key features:

  • Light-Speed Gameplay - Enjoy a fast-paced arcade experience that’s easy to pick up but challenging to master. Get your adrenaline pumping as you maneuver between elaborate obstacles and death traps inside a giant spaceship – beautifully rendered with Unreal Engine 4.
  • Mission Mode - Pilot 6 unique starfighters through 54 missions. Scout, infiltrate, sabotage, and fight to repel alien invasion once and for all.
  • Upgrades & Levels - Unlock and upgrade starfighters, customize their plating, collect power-ups, and level up your pilot rank for higher score multipliers and better rewards.
  • Endless Clash Mode - Reach unthinkable speeds that will put your eye-hand coordination to the ultimate test. Set new high-scores, compete with friends, and take part in weekly online tournaments.
  • Virtual Reality Support - Full VR support on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift right from the start. It’s intuitive, exciting and faster than anything you’ve seen before.








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