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The CAPTAIN is DEAD on Steam is based on the fun board game of the same name by JT Smith & Joe Price, published by AEG.


One of the first differences is that in the computer game you select 4 members for your crew, choosing from characters such as the Admiral, Chief Engineer, Scientist, Soldier and Cyborg etc. In the board game 2-7 players can take part, thus giving you a crew up to 7 strong.

The CAPTAIN is DEAD board game has 2 stand-alone game extensions that take place after the happenings in the original board game. It is possible that should the PC Steam game be successful that the others, DANGEROUS PLANET and LOCKDOWN could follow. 

The comedic value of the board game comes from the actions and verbals of the human players. The designers have written the amusing portions of the game into the script of the characters and the screenine blatant reports - see examples below.


The Steam edition is bright, colourful and fluently fast. As members of the crew stuck on the besieged, unnamed, space craft, you are in deep doo-doo. As far as you can ascertain, your Captain is dead and there are Alien troops on board. They are intent on wiping you out and destroying every part of the ship you were peacefully working on. 

The game begins in conflict with the ship under attack and Systems beginning to shut down under the stress and damage being caused to them by the Alien force. Your job is not to save the ship but to get all four of the remaining crew safely off the ship and ready to battle again when necessary.

To do this though, you have to keep the ship afloat by ensuring no system goes completely down to zero until such time as you are all off and safe. You, as the player, control the four crewmen you have, sending them to various chambers, colour coded and named, on the ship to prevent or repair the damage. 


At first this seems easy because you have a Teleport system which allows you to zip around the place, between chambers, at speed. Of course this makes things too easy and so the Aliens quickly dissassemble the Teleportation Chamber, leaving characters to use up their energy walking from Chamber to Chamber. Each move and each Action count as a Move lost, with characters having an average of 4 points of movement per turn they are slowed down considerably.

Repairing systems is mainly a case of being in the right Chamber with the right piece of equipment and clicking on them in the correct order. Below are a selection of screens which alarmingly, but effectively, explain the things that you need to remember to do. 

These warnings are basically orders that you need to obey and they keep the game moving at speed with hilarious consequences. This is a fun game just like the board games but you are laughing with yourself when you are on Steam rather than at and with your friends in the board game. Although the board game is meant to be cooperative it generally becomes every man for himself, with a little cooperation thrown in when necessary. In the Steam edition you are the only player and thus you have to ensure your crew work together and for the good of each other.






Naturally I prefer the board game (because it is a social game) but in this Covid Climate this Steam edition is a super alternative which takes every opportunity to ensure you are ridiculed (by the A.I.) in the same manner your friends and family do when around a games table. 



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