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The BRIDGE is the most unique puzzle game you will probably ever encounter. It was created and developed by Ty Taylor and Mario Castañeda and published by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild.
"The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild" just the name of the publishers alone should give you some inclination as to the quality of the puzzles you are going to face. To ensure that you stay focused on the
puzzle and not on the graphics the BRIDGE has been designed in Black & White & Greyscale complete with the artists pencilled guidelines in most scenes. I have the XBox360 version but the game is
now available on the PC through the Steam media.

These are logic problems solved by you moving a character left or right and revolving the screen when necessary to cause the character to slide up or down depending on the tilt - you can even rotate the screen 360
degrees but then your man is going to fall off into the void. This means you have to begin again unless you remember that you can reverse your moves - like watching a movie backwards. Your man cannot crawl or
jump, only walk (and slide).

   Look at the illustration of the House and you can see 3 doors. Once you reach one of these you can go through it and find more doors, one of which will be unlocked
while the others are chained and padlocked. Each door has a name which appears over it when you close up to the door. The name gives you a mini clue as to what type of puzzle to expect, or at least what science
project the puzzle is based on. Not that this matters as you have to go and finish the puzzle anyway and they all involve moving your man to the exit - which is not where you enter.

The above illustrations show 2 puzzles. The first 2 pictures are the same puzzle but revolved and the 3rd pic is a different puzzle after a few moments of play.   On pic 1. (of the 3) you can see a white door just to the left of centre at the top of the construction. This is where you have to exit from. The chequerboard spaces - your man is standing in front of one - transport you through to the other side but also change your colour from white to  black or vice-versa. To gwet to the door you need to go through these portals but you also have to be white to go through the door because it it only allows a man wearing white to go through it. Therefore your puzzle is not just to get to the door but get there by using the correct combination of movement, rotation and portal travel so that you arrive there in white and not as the black line drawing you usually are.

The third puzzle actually starts with that circular swirl (seen on the left) at the bottom of the screen (ie the picture is rotated 90 degrees left). You guy starts on the top floor next to a wrecking ball. If you move your man to the button which would be on your right and is clearly visible bottom right, it affects the swirl. The swirl is in fact a portal to death and the wrecking ball is a one touch - die! - object that you cannot move past. This is one of the puzzles I have been stuck onfor ages. I figure you need to get the ball onto the button so it hilds it down while you seek out the door (which is actually part of the swirl at the moment). Luckily for me you do not have to complete every door in a level to be allowed to move on, but you do need to have completed some of the puzzles. Sometimes you need to complete a puzzle to unlock the next one, but not always.

Compared to games of recent publication The BRIDGE is a phenomena. It looks stark and uninteresting yet it is one of the most addictive puzzle games of the past decade or two (maybe three). The BRIDGE you can be cross with it but you cannot cross it. Superlatives for this game have been bandied about so often they have little meaning now, consider it all of the best major adjectives you can think of, and then add as many as you cannot think of, and you'll be close to it's superiority amongst other puzzle based games.


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