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Terminator Genisys: The miniatures game.

 The War Against The Machines.

River Horse/Warlord Games

When you first open the box, you will not be disapointed at the contents. A glossy, well written, well laid out rulebook, a set of card range rulers,  All the card counters you could need for the game, and a set of card barricades and terrain markers. There is also a quick play rule book, a reference sheet, a set of polyhedral dice, a double sided printed heavy paper play mat, 10 Terminator Endoskeletons, 5 Terminator Crawlers, 16 Resistance fighters, and a Kyle Reese miniature. All the figures are hard plastic,and coloured so as to easily tell them apart (Resistance are green, and Terminators are silver/grey), apart from Kyle Reese, which is white metal, the minis are 28mm scale
The Rules
 The rules for Terminator are very simple, we picked them up, and were playing a simple skirmish within 15-20 minutes. Play runs smoothly, with initiative being decided at the beginning of each turn with a dice roll off, then the highest scoring player rolls a special fate dice to see how many models they can activate, 1-2 or none, then once they have done something the 'Impulse' as it's called ends and the opponent gets to roll the fate die. This is repeated until all models have activated, the turn is then over, and a new turn begins. 
Moving and fighting is very simple, using skill based dice rolls, the better someone is at a task the bigger the dice they can use for the test, the largest dice being the D20. This is nicely colour coded in the rules and reference sheet too, meaning you can play without having any paperwork to sift through whenever you want to do something.
Movement is done with range rulers, crawl, walk and run, which are exactly as wide as the bases of the minis, so you can easily see if an obstacle is in the way etc. the range rulers are flipped for combat range, again showing exact line of sight between targets. Commanders can allow you to reroll a fate die in certain conditions, and inspire other models to act with them. 
The rule book contains points for armies, as well as rules for vehicles including flyers.
The Models
You get 10 Endoskeletons in 2 poses. These are simple quick to assemble plastic models, snap-fitting, with no need for glue, which will appeal to the more casual board gamers. The poses are quite static, but I think that represents the nature of the T-800 perfectly. Also included are 5 crawling, semi destoyed models, which come into play when a Terminator is destroyed, there is a chance it will continue to come at you, albeit without a gun.
You get 4 sprues of 4 plastic fighters sculpted by the Perry's. The torsos's are one piece, with arms fitted that hold their weapons added to this. The models themselves are nicely detailed. In terms of weapons, there is a missile launcher, grenade launcher, and several plasma and assault rifles on each sprue, as well as a set of arms wielding a shot gun. Again the figures are cleanly molded and very characterful, and are in a variety of poses.

Overall Genisys rates as an easy to learn, quick skirmish game, different enough to other sci-fi minis games to be worth owning, and certainly enjoyable enough to be playing.


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