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TERA: Rising – Winter update enhances game with two new battlefields

Karlsruhe, 20.12.2013 – Publisher Gameforge has released the eagerly anticipated winter update for Fantasy MMORPG TERA. Players can look forward to two brand-new battlefields - “Wintera Snowfield” and “Kumasylum”. These intricately designed fighting arenas are ideal for fun and intense PvP combat: while a Team Deathmatch style snowball fight takes place on the “Wintera Snowfield”, players can slip into the roles of two powerful BAMs in “Kumasylum“ and face off against other adventurers in Arborea.

The update also integrates new dungeon rewards and provides even more gaming fun thanks to a swathe of bug fixes and improved balancing.

What’s more, there is a festival starting at the end of January, which will provide variety with countless new quests and practical items.


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