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TERA: Rising – October update delivers new high-level dungeons

Steampunk workshop expands item shop| Festivals ensure supplies for quests

Karlsruhe, 04.10.2013 – The fantasy world of action MMO TERA: Rising is being enhanced with additional content. The Steampunk workshop update provides player groups from level 60 with four brand-new dungeons consisting of a 10 player raid, a 3 or 5 player instance and a defence dungeon for 7 players. Heroes that face new dangers will be rewarded with an abundance of loot. Aside from the items included in the new PvE game content, the selection of PvP and crafting items has been increased. The item shop also gets some new additions: impressive Steampunk style equipment adds visual diversity. The link to the website is

Fighting evil together

The 10 player raid instance, Wonderholme, takes inspiration from Alice in Wonderland. Arborea’s adventurers go into battle against fantastic opponents who are reminiscent of the well-known characters from the novel. The instance will be playable in both Normal and Hard modes.

The Channelworks are a new addition to TERA, being the first dungeon for 3 players which has no class restrictions. Before heroes brave the dangers in the subterranean tunnels, they can call upon one of 3 helpers who will stand by them during battle. The group line up decides what kind of role the supporter takes. 

Of abandoned fleets and fierce giants

A fleet loaded with the mineral Noctenium has run aground at the Jagged Coast. The last report from the rescue party indicated that monsters were on board the abandoned ships. In The Shattered Fleet, a new 5 player instance, brave fighters take on the problem and eliminate the raging disaster.

In Kezzel’s Gorge, a defence dungeon aimed at 7 players, a formidable opponent is awaiting fearless adventurers: Kezzel the giant is on the rampage there, trying to regain his riches, which were stolen by treasure hunters.

Fun and equipment for the whole country

Where new BAMs appear, fresh loot won’t be far away. Aside from new items in the instances and the raid, the update also brings additional items from the battlefields. It’s also worth crafting powerful new PvE and PvP equipment. To get hold of the special materials that are needed for this, the players have to prove themselves in demanding combat and challenges.

Three new festivals, providing exciting entertainment through special quests, instances and mini-games, promise a change from the hero’s daily pattern.

You can find an overview of all the Steampunk workshop update’s features at

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