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Tales from the Sands Kickstarter NOW LIVE!

Tales from the Sands is a fantastic adventure compendium book packed full of gaming delight for the Hellfrost Land of Fire setting by Triple Ace Games.

Written by hugely popular and talented author Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams, it contains four full-length scenarios for heroes starting out on their adventuring careers.

Each scenario includes encounter location maps and full monster stats. It is a beautiful book by accomplished publishers and is a fine addition to the Hellfrost players library!

Here are the short descriptions of the adventures that are found in this book:

The Golden Queen, in which a misguided soul seeks to make slaves of the entire continent by calling upon an ancient power. (Novice characters: 32 pages)

Darkness at Darshab, in which a small village is beset by a terrible evil that gnaws at its heart and soul. (Novice characters: 34 pages)

The Last Voyage of Sinbad, in which the heroes become bold mariners in the hope of conversing with Sinbad the Sailor. (Seasoned characters: 32 pages)

Reign of Fire, in which the heroes must prevent the land being consumed by fire. (Seasoned characters: 31 pages)

We are looking for backing to get this project out as soon as possible - we are also offering the opportunity to own a hardback edition of this book which is only available through this Kickstarter.

We hope you will support this project and back us today!



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