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Talent Not Included is a crazy platform game set in the world of Notthatmuchfurtherland where the populace
depend on the internet god

There are no heroes around to save the world and so three actors, Cecile, Bonnie and Gundelf are drafted in as
replacements. With 1 or 2 players controlling 1 or 2 characters the idea is to gain as many points as possible by
jumping over nasty spikey things and collecting sweeties that look like they have spilled from a Quality Street
box and have found themselves floating in beautifully formed arcs in mid-air.

In this play, for indeed our heroes are delving into their natural depths, there are 3 Acts of which only one is at
present available, 2 & 3 can be unlocked by derring-do and feats of amazing agility. There are also four scenes
plus a bonus Boss scene but again, like the Acts, only Scene 1 is available until your wit, guile and agility have
unlocked the scenes 2-4 and the Boss. All levels are performed on stage but the term "Go break a leg" is more
likely to be misheard as "Go sit on a spike" as your cast of actors execute the tasks and roles given to them in
an attempt to give their best performance and score lots of points.

If you want to, you can play at full screen (100%) or diminish it slowly down to 50%. The images are sharper
and clearer if you play at about 80%, plus you can still see and answer any emails or FaceBook messages you
receive without having to pause the game.


As a game it is a Platformer, nothing more or less. You can WASD move and [Space] jump and also [Space]
[Space] double-jump while in mid-air and pressing the W (up) or A or D keys for upwardly diagonal moves.

There are some light hearted and comedic moments, especially when you manage to kill yourself, but you do
well not to forget that this is far from a vainglorious romp, it is also quite a challenging experience even for a
most experienced games player.

If you are dextrous with keys and can touch-type, something I have never learned to do even though I have been
using a typewriter and then keyboard for over two-thirds of my life, then you will find this a short but thrilling

This is a fun game, a quick fix for the computer game adrenaline junkie but not a long term performance.



© Chris Baylis 2011-2015