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Development update #1

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey Everyone! 

January was a very busy month for us, as we jumped right into working on Tainted Grail core box. There is a lot of polish and content creation ahead of us, but success of the campaign and your support filled us with energy so whole team is giving their 200%. 

Today we have mostly visual updates, but you can rest assured that work on story and gameplay goes full speed as well, but we will give ourselves a little bit more time before showing you fruits of that work ;) 

Lets start with most important thing - we need to re-work cards layout, as the prototype one was a big placeholder for something much nicer. Adrian, our 2d designer have prepared A LOT of different card reverses feel. Out of dozens, we selected few we ourselves most liked and wanted to ask for your opinion. Pleae note, that

  • Those are just rough ideas - they are not for specific cards, but just for general direction of layout
  • Obviously those are WIPs
  • You can pick more then one with a comment (for example -combat cards should be 3, events 1) 
  • Let us know your thoughts in the comments under this update. Thanks! 
  • This vote is not decisive, but more of supportive - we will still follow our creative vision, but over 40k heads is always smarter then 30 ; ) 

Secondly our 2D art created A LOT of amazing art. While we won't share new locations (lets not spoil them ;) ) we can share some of the new character specific combat / diplomacy carts. Hope you will enjoy!    We really hope you will enjoy them! 




Pledge Manager and financial stuff

We are working on Pledge Manager and estimate launch in mid Febuary. There will be quite a lot of people, so we want to make sure everything will work perfect! On top of that, we are preparing few additional small collectors items that were requested by many people during the Kickstarter ;) 

From financials of the campaign - we received the transfer from Kickstarter and managed to exchange the currency at safe rates for production (since GBP is not the most predictable currency at the moments ;) ) so whatever will happen to Brexit all funds are already waiting in currencies expected by producers / shipping companies etc. Thanks to that we are able to mitigate currency risk. Also - for backers from Great Britain, our company is registered for tax reasons in UK and pay VAT tax directly there, so we really do not expect any problems in regards of your shipping (thou in today's world anything can happen). 

Ok guys, this is it for today! Hope you enjoy what you see and as always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section! 


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