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TYPOMAN on Steam is a sidescrolling action game that takes all the usual running, jumping, swinging uzzles that you find in games like Sonic and recreates them with a series of letters. This game is a lexicographer's delight, as long as they are also into games.

The game begins with a barren wasteland on which there are a couple of letters, one of which is an "O" and this soon becomes the basis for your character; don't worry you'll soon become font of it.

Your O rolls along unable to do anything other than move in a rolling motion forwards or backwards. That is until you hook up with another letter, an "E" that joins as your torso. Then you find you can move more freely, even better when you add the H for legs and another letter (it may be a J or backwards R or ?)  as an arm - now you are really in control.

Once you have it all together you can do all the actions and begin to solve even more complex puzzles.


The puzzles and challenges are really cleverly thought out and each requires you to manouevre and manipulate letters and read the signs - no literally you have to read the signs for clues and ideas.

Some of the puzzles are quite easy, such as rolling an O next to an N to turn a switch on and activate a door, gate, or similar that gains you entry into the next phase or onto a platform or elevator to the  next level etc.

I am going to make an assumption here; seeing as this game is called Typoman "Revised" I believe that there was probably a previous version, possibly called Typoman.  Just to prove this I went to Google and entered Typoman and lo and behold I found TYPOMAN:  Not so featherbrained now am I ? Well maybe I am, I did, after all, look for the first edition after I assumed ....

Overall this is a game for players who enjoy the action that you get from side-scrolling platform games and who know a word or two. Actually I discovered I knew a few words that I probably shouldn't have said aloud, but some of those puzzles are really challenging, and I was on my own so no-one but me heard them. Which asks the question "If a reviewer swears in an empty office does it actually count as swearing?"

I love the beautiful bleakness of the landscapes and the desolation, plus the hanging (literally, literally) letters and the manner in which clues and hints are given. Sonic it's not! Good it is! 



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