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We're not sure how it happened so quickly, but December has arrived and year end is almost here! No snow around TAG Tower yet, but it's certainly getting colder. Fortunately, we're warmed by your continuing support - since January we've had six successful Kickstarters and fulfilled six projects, expanding both our roleplaying catalog and tabletop games.

Instead of looking backward with misty eyes, we have our eyes fixed firmly on the future. Settle back, take a sip of eggnog, and see what 2017 has in store!


Although we funded and shipped two exciting Hellfrost products this year, our primary focus was on our Ubiquity RPG settings. Not only is that set to continue in 2017, with offerings for Leagues of Adventure, Leagues of Gothic Horror, and Leagues of Cthulhu, but we're expanding it by returning to All for One: Regime Diabolique with a new setting book.

Below is a list of Ubiquity books we're hoping to fund and produce next year, arranged by setting. We're going to need your help getting these into your hands, so please start spreading the word - the more folk who hear about these early on, the more likely we can get them into your hands.

Leagues of Adventure:  ▪ Globetrotters' Guide to Cairo (crossover with Gothic Horror and Cthulhu)  ▪ Globetrotters' Guide to New York

Leagues of Gothic Horror  ▪ Guide to Walking Dead ▪ Guide to Mordvania: Land of Nightmares  ▪ Guide to the Ministry of Unusual Affairs

Leagues of Cthulhu  ▪ Realms of Hypnos: The Dreamlands   ▪ Cutthroats and Cthulhu 

All for One: Regime Diabolique  ▪ Satan's Playground: The Thirty Years' War


Wow, what a year! Two new games delivered to backers and stores and a brand new card game funded! The production wheels never stop turning and we've got a few previews of what's coming in 2017!



We've recently taken on Kedric Winks' brilliant Ghosthunter card game series and we're already near the end of our stock! We're looking at way to reprint the game as a boxed collection in preparation for UK Games Expo. This beautifully packaged set will contain four decks of cards, two play mats, and a direction of play token.


Work continues unabated on Genie Express: 1001 Deliveries. Various tweaks and amendments have been made based on feedback from local playtest groups. While blowing your own horn can be rather crass, we're proud to say that everyone who has played the game so far has loved it!

Blind playtesting will commence in 2017. We already have several groups lined up but there is always room for more. Just click this link to sign up!.


Check out the street tiles we're developing for the game!

What We've Been Playing: Lord of the Rings: War in the North (Xbox 360), Lords of Waterdeep, Star Trek Ascendancy, Lost in R'lyeh, Sheriff of Nottingham, Xia: Legends of a Drift System.

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