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Leagues of Gothic Horror Triple Pack

With just under a week until the Kickstarter for three Leagues of Gothic Horror monster guides launches, we've persuaded Wiggy to spill the beans on some of the contents of the Guides to Faeries and Hags.

"I was a little surprised when my brain suggested a Guide to Hags, since we already had one on black magicians. It didn't take long to realize that these creatures deserved their own book - they're more than just witches by another name. As well as the usual history and origins sections, we're exploring the power of covens and how by coming together they can wield far stronger magic, hags' connections to the lunar cycles, and the dark pacts they forge in order to boost their supernatural might.

"For the hag bestiary, we chose to separate hags by geography. So a marsh hag and an urban hag are very different creatures, each with a different feel as well as different abilities. These vile creatures can also become bonded to their environment through a dark pact, giving them even more power when in their natural environment.

"I was initially reluctant to dabble with faeries, given that the Victorians turned them into cherubic sprites. Ultimately, I turned back to their origins as strange and otherworldly beings and worked from that viewpoint. They're the most alien of the supernatural creatures, with different codes of morality and understanding of reality to humans, and we've tried to encompass their strangeness.

"There's a section on faerie homes, such as fey forts and mounds, as well as an overview of Fairyland as a site for adventures. The bestiary has loads of faerie types, though very few of them are what you might call friendly. Even the usually twee tooth faeries have become avaricious and violent creatures."

Kickstarter commences 19th March 2019

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