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Hey Syrins,

You may have enjoyed some of our work with Agate Studios before, like our SoundSets setting their rich orchestral Shadows of Esteren score in some rich Syrinscape ambiances.

After Esteren, Agate Studios moved on to Fateforged and the World of Eana, another rich campaign world and our fantastic sound designer and composer Barry Doublet has been making some amazing content to help bring your games in this colourful, flavoursome world alive.

The core books have already been funded and delivered and now Agate are offering the Complete Monster Compendium 2 on Kickstarter. It's already funded to almost 2000%, so there are a LOT of stretch goals that have been hit.

Love rich 5E compatible campaign worlds to play your games in? Need some more spookily peculiar 5E compatible monsters to put into your own homebrews? Definitely drop by the Kickstarter and consider throwing your support behind it.

Either way, GAME ON, and GAME LOUD!


Ben & the Syrinscape team.

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