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Sword Saga Open Beta Goes Live Tomorrow
NGames announces first test for the new free-to-play action MMORPG, and reveals first details of the game's classes

NGames, a leading online games publisher, is thrilled to announce that the open beta test for new free-to-play action MMORPG, Sword Saga, is available from tomorrow, October 23rd, at 7:00am (PDT) on the portal. 

Sword Saga is a stunning real-time, high fantasy MMORPG played directly in your browser. The latest entry to the portal puts customisation at the heart of its battle system, giving players unlimited skill combinations and an array of troop formations to mix, match and develop into ever smarter tactics. 

As heroes of a magical realm, players must join forces with their mercenary friends to prevent a new demonic uprising from destroying their world. Can you navigate the captivating plot and combine your skills to defeat the demon army? 

Find out today by joining the game here: 


To celebrate the Sword Saga open beta test, NGames has prepared a series of Server Launch Events and exclusive gift packs. Players will win cool rewards just playing the game and helping developers find bugs, with events set up for everything from upping your battle and achievement rankings, to trying to become the greatest Bounty Hunter and World Boss Slayer in the land. 

There are over 20 beta exclusive events to explore, and a wide range of gift packs to collect along the way. 

Sword Saga beta players can take up the epic journey as one of three unique classes: Warriors, Shooters or Magicians. 

Warriors are masters of two-handed swords, using them to adeptly kill targets on the attack and block incoming hits when defending. Well rounded warriors are vital to any team, acting like a steel wall (with attacking blades!) when stood between their enemies and allies. 

Shooters are all about their guns, which they can fire with deadly accuracy no matter the range. Whether acting as a marksman picking off enemies from a distance or blasting foes up-close-and-personal with massive firepower, a Shooter lives and dies by his guns. 

Magicians are great healers, keeping their team fresh with a myriad of healing spells and awesome buffs. But don't let their defensive qualities fool you – magicians can also call upon Starmoon Crystals to deal incredible damage to their enemies. 

The Sword Saga open beta test launches tomorrow, October 23rd, at 7:00am (PDT)

To find out more and register for the game, visit the official website now: 

You can also learn more and keep up with the latest announcements by following the game on Facebook: and Twitter: 

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