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Programming by Joshua Fernandes
Design/Art/Music by Bharat Nag
Art: Sarthak Chaudary

There are around 70 levels of side-scrolling jumping, crawling and shooting in this 2D style adventure. You are advised to use a PC Gamepad rather
than rely on the keys. Unless you are extremely dextrous with a keyboard it is easier to be as dextrous as you need to be for the game with a gamepad.

You play the smallest letter in the alphabet, the "i" and you run it around like it was a tiny fantasy character in a role-playing type adventure.

Graphically and visually it's nothing to get over excioted about, but as an adrenaline pumper it has all the frustrating levels you could ever require.

It's in the genre of games where you get a group of friends together and challenge each other to complete a level quicker than the previous players.

Each level is timed as well as having ink drops to collect. You do not run out of time and can always complete the level but the idea is to play each

level more than once, attempting to beat your previous time.

The "i" has no problem running and sliding and wall jumping but when the gap it has to get over is too long for it's short little leg it lands in the ink
and is lost in a sea of blue. However, it has a large trick that it can perform midway through the long jumps, a quick key press of a key and little "i"
becomes big "I" in fact it becomes big thick "II". It is this switching from little "i" to big "II" that gives the game its name, switch from little "i" to
the larger "II" or die (fall into the ink) trying (trying to jump across vast spaces).

As the Big "II" it cannot wall-jump or do most of the tricks that little "i" can do but there are times when its size is more than handy.

I'm not exactly sure what the game is about or why the little "i" is fighting its way across books and bookshelves, cupboards and side
boards. The end of each level greets the little "i" with a blue lower case letter. Just why the hero of the game is in fact a little "i" I am
also not sure, but then I thought, why not ?

Basically this is almost a retro style game, being 2D rather than 3D or 4G etc and it is a platform game of which there have been more than
anyone can count since the advent of home computers and games consoles. SWITCH or DIE is set against an industrial background (maybe
the little "i" stands for "industrial") and is coloured in greys, blacks and browns more than brighter, prettier colours.

The weird thing is though although your hero is a letter, a character from your keyboard, the little "i" actually does have character in a cute
way. Everytime the little guy (or gal) falls into the ink and gets swallowed up with all the other letters waiting to be printed (I am guessing
that's what the ink is for) you feel for him and you get more determined to make sure that the next time you make him/her attempt the jump
your fingers are quicker on the buttons.

SWITCH or DIE TRYING is not a particularly great or fancy game and it definitely isn't a game you could livbe without, but it is fun and it is
very addictive, especially if you are a player who doesn't like being beaten by the trickery of a 1980's style side-scroller. Therefore although I
cannot with all honesty recommend it, I also cannot see any reason why you wouldnt want to play it either. If fast paced scrolling PC games is
your forte you will rock SWITCH or DIE TRYING.

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