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Super Dungeon Bros is a rock-themed dungeon brawler where a band of mighty rock bros must navigate the fantasy realm of Rökheim and its hellish dungeons to seek out epic loot, fight hordes of evil undead and uncover the legends of long lost fabled Rock Stars!   In Super Dungeon Bros, teams of up to four players will control hard rocking warrior bros in the ever-changing dungeons that combine rock and fantasy with dangerous foes, deadly obstacles and hazardous puzzles. Players will take on bosses and plunder loot from the dark recesses of Rökheim where the Dungeon Bros will slay anything and everything in their path, as no challenge is too big for the Bros and their motto, “Bros B4 Foes!


Think of as many Bro puns as you can and you still won't think of enough to match those from this mad brawling all-action game. It's for up to 4 players who must Bro-operate together in a Bro-fessional manner otherwise they will never Bro-gress to the end.

Played at extreme speed with Bro-ck music constantly pounding in the background this is a crazy dungeon bash filled with hundreds of never-ending, always advancing, mini-monstrous undead foes in blurred 3D. 

I have played this type of dungeon bash game before, many times, but never can I remember playing one that is as relentless as this. There's no time to take stock of the situation once the onslaught begins, the enemy just keep on coming, dying, disappearing and reappearing at speeds you'd have difficulty timing without a friend with a stopwatch.

Is it a good game ? That's a tough question to answer. The sounds and graphics are good, the 3D dungeons and areas and the adversaries and heroes are good, it's just that apart from the high speed play thhere isn't a lot of anything that hasn't been seen before. Spears and spikes rising and falling from holes in the ground, scything blades whistling round and round, crates of all size, shapes and colours explode on impact and reveal coins and occasionally other needed items; it's all good but it's not new.

I do like the tutorial assistance where you are given advice via large messages left on mobile walls and the incessant background sounds of rock never let you forget that your heroes are rock Bro's. If you like the Scandanavian style heavy guitar-influenced Icelandic Rock then it's worth putting the music on in the background without playing the game and just chillin'



I'm trying to be constructive here but there isn't a lot I can say that hasn't already been said many times before. You have a Hero and you run him round Dungeons and other areas forever going forward in a weird sort of way. I say weird because your controls are WASD for movement but onscreen this translates into more like an X than a + yes your character mores almost diagonally and so a lot of the time you are struggling to make him go in the intended direction and there's no One Direction (especially in the music). 


When your enemies get close you can either hit the left mouse button for a single strike, though you can keep using this attack over and over but it's often more fun to get the enemy to surround you and then unleash your special attack which sees you spinning around amongst them, smashing bodies left right and centre and flying them out of the area and into oblivion, at least until they reform and bounce back at you. 

The thing is, the louder and more pounding the music, the more the enemy attack and the more your adrenaline rises and addictive the game becomes. In the end you really do not care what it was all about, what the back story is and who the enemy are fighting for, it all becomes a blur of swinging, methodic, heavy metal crunching, hopefully with you doing the majority of the crunching.

So I can't say I actually like it, but then I can't say I actually don't like it. For me it's a go-to game when I want some loud and fast mindless violence, to kick some ass without pretending to care. For fantasy aficionados it isn't role-playing, not even a teensy-bit, nor is it really story driven, it's simply an old style thump 'em, bash 'em, die, bounce back and do it again type of dungeon brawl. It's a game you can't help but play because it is addictive but then it's not a game you'd willingly put on if you had hours to spend. 

SUPER DUNGEON BROS is just plain crazy, mindless, addictive fun! and it's super inexpensive.



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