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NCSOFT and Carbine Studios are excited to announce that the first content update for their acclaimed MMORPG WildStar, the Strain Ultra Drop, goes live today 1st July, 2014! Players will quickly discover the horrible infection that has corrupted the planet – delivering a plethora of content for Nexus adventurers to uncover! Discovering the secrets behind this virus will not be an easy task, but in doing so, players will unlock the key to understanding the conflict between the enigmatic Drusera and the evil, wicked Entity. 

Highlights of the Strain Ultra Drop:

New Level 50 Zones Featuring Group and Solo World Story Content

·         Blighthaven
·         The Northern Wastes

Even More Group Content

·         The Nursery - In this public mini-dungeon, players will fight together through the various elemental test chambers and learn more about Drusera’s past as they try and reach the Genesis Chamber.
·         The Tree of Life – At the heart of Blighthaven players must help Drusera protect the Tree of Life in open world, tower-defence style gameplay.

Strain Infected Customisation

·         Housing Décor Items: New items are available for player housing! Make your home stylishly disgusting with more than 12 Strain-infected housing items, oozing with pustules, boils, tentacles and eyeballs.
·         Customisation Items: Players can dress characters from head to toe in infected Strain armour, plus tailor the armour with a new array of Strain-themed colours, like Corruption Purple and Ichorous Orange.
·         Mounts: Cruise the badlands on your new Hoverboard, tricked out Strain-style with cankers, fangs, and grotesque eyeballs. Player can also pimp other mounts with a toxic cornucopia of Strain-infected accessories.

A Special Item for Subscribers…

·         Those hardy souls that have activated a retail key for WildStar by 09:00 CEST (08:00 BST) on 7th July will receive a special Strain “Squirg” costume item!
Asset links are below, however for more information about the Strain Ultra Drop please visit the main Strain page:

·         Strain Flick YouTube:

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