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STARSHIP CORPORATION is as near to the complete simulation of life in a science fiction world as you are likely to find in any game, even with the power and technology available to home computers nowadays. It is a strategist's dream and one that is both complex and complicated and thus liable to be a time user-upper. If you begin playing STARSHIP CORPORATION and get into it then it is likely you will really get into it, and then time will seem to pass so quickly. There is no quickfire solution to playing this, it is played in real time and is a game that needs to be studied as well as requiring the necessity to be taken seriously.

There are four main elements to play, Ship Design; Crew and A.I. Tactics; Ship Building and the Trade aspect. Each of these is as important as the other.

STARSHIP CORPORATION is playable offline as a single player on online as part of a multi-player game.

Mining Equipment Update! (from the Starship Corporation Facebook page 13th October)
It includes new contracts, equipment and a crew management mission for mining operations. Please watch this video to learn about the new gameplay: 

Core Modules: Bridge; Emergency Bridge; Engine Room; Computer Core; Power Relay and Armour

Technical Rooms:  Generator; Airtank; Fuel tank; Water tank and Shield Generator

Storage Rooms:  Hangar Bay; Cargo Unit and Emergency Escape Vehicle

Corridors (Passageways) Elevators Hatches:  Straight Corridor Sections; L-Sections; T-Sections; S-Sections; Cross Sections; Lifts and Stairways (Companionways) 

Crew Quarters: Hypersleep and Living Quarters in 3 sizes for Pilots, Technicians, Medics and Marines 

Medical Facilities: Life Support, Sickbay, Sickbay Extension, Galley

Military Structures: Armory, Cannon, Missile Bay, Missile Control

Once you have got those mechanics under your wing there is so much more to take in, such as:- Technical Malfunctions, Medical Emergencies (could include Alien Infestation); Ship to Ship, Defence and Boarding Combats amongst them. If you can capture ships during combat you can later sell them at the market on your way to forming an major corporation making profit wherever you see the opportunity.

The SHIPYARD is where you build and also test your ships from the designs you have created, either for yourself or for clients who require a specific ship for a specific purpose. The more time and effort you put into this the more likelihood there is for success and the better you are likely to fair in the Trade market. When designing your ship you actually are in control of every aspect from the layout on up to 5 decks and with 50 or so different Rooms.

You have to select each different section of the ship, creating it on a basic cross plotted blueprint. You need to place the following modules, where necessary and where possible - a Red shadow is showing you that the currently selected module or unit cannot be placed there, a Green shadow designates that the position is a legal placement:

Speaking of Trade markets, as I was a paragraph or two ago, these markets need to be established and you need to have offices in their vicinity. There is an entire galaxy out there requiring new, modernised or customised space craft which means there is a lot of credit available. Every little nook and cranny of the space ship has to be designed by the player. Okay, well maybe not quite that deliberate, but you have to fit out the hulk of a space craft on a blueprint, positioning the Bridge, the Quarters, Elevators, Engines etc. etc. right down to the corridors and power lines. Naturally there are pre-determined ship plans to choose from so you can follow them, use them as a base or simply redesign the ship from the bare bones.


There is so much game here, it seems that it can only be confined by the adeptness of your memory (and the memory of your computer). Starship Corporation is a prime example of computer game designers using as much of the technology available to them and to the best of its and their abilities. It is not a game for fans of Star Wars, Star Trek or Guardians of the Galaxy as these are action based movies. Trying to think of metaphors to describe Starship Corporation the nearest I can think of is that it is somewhere between War & Peace and the original Traveler role-play game for complexity, but in glorious 3D.

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