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StarDrive (PC) is OUT NOW in retail!

Space bears now occupying shelves across Europe

Haarlem, the Netherlands- 31 May 2013 - Videogame publisher Iceberg Interactive announces to have released StarDrive (PC) in European retail stores today. The StarDrive retail box includes a comprehensive manual, a trading card and comes in a deluxe slipcase with embossed characters and ships. Download the official retail pack shot here: 
Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder says: “With this retail launch we are adding more and more channels where the game can be bought and the box looks great. We are still updating StarDrive frequently, are also preparing free DLC for this summer for the game and are committed to keep improving and extending the game for a long time to come.”
StarDrive ‘retail’ can be purchased from any location in the world in the Iceberg web shop ( For more information about StarDrive, please visit the official website www.stardrivegame.comor visit the official forums

Game Features:
•     Real time gameplay with a seamless zoom from a grand strategic view to a close-up action view
•     Choose from 8 beautifully rendered alien races or design your own to lead into the stars; interact, negotiate and forge allegiances on your way to victory
•     Explore the rich universe that comes alive with random events, remnant elements, hidden treasures, deep space terrors and late-game threads.
•     Expand your empire and colonise all kinds of planets, terraform and populate them and build them into specialised centres of trade or industry
•     Research and unlock an array of technologies to improve your military and industrial technology
•     Control your ships with classic real time strategy commands or jump into the fray by taking direct ‘arcade’ control of any ship in your empire
•     Create your unique ship designs with the modular ship design system and determine your own fate in battle
•     Create custom fleet formations and set rules of engagement in the easy-to-use fleet editor
•     Deploy ground troops from orbit to defeat the enemies’ last planetary defences in ground combat.

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