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is available for the PC and MAC and can be bought in 2-3 versions, from the basic game to the Elite
Collector's Edition. If you can afford the extra cost, the Collector's Edition is the one to purchase. It
comes in a super strong box with top and bottom that fits like a cog shaped doorway, which houses
the game DVD, a "behind the scenes" DVD, a Heart of the Storm Soundtrack CD, and a cracking
Heart of the Swarm art book.

EXTRA FOR COLLECTORS: Check out the Bradybooks Strategy Guide for HEART of the SWARM


Strategies To Lead The Swarm And Defeat Arcturus Mengsk / Platform: PC / Publisher: BradyGames / Hardcover / 400 Pages

In StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm you have to help Kerrigan fight her way through a massive single player campaign leading you to some of the most dangerous worlds in the Koprulu sector. You will face cunning
enemies, rough environments and challenges  that will afford all of your skills on the battlefield. You can go it alone or call on Brady to be your guide and ally!


The Game is very much a continuation of the original, expanding it towards the conclusion of the StarCraft Trilogy - Legacy of the Void - being the proposed final part. 

There are no apparent changes to the gameplay from StarCraft which is good as this means you can open the box, install the expansion and dive straight in. My 14 year old Grandson (who has now completed both games in quite a swift time) reckons
that apart from the Zerg Upgrades, some new units ( 7) the loss of 3 other units and the extra campaign (Kerrigan's Campaign) the gameplay is the same, and who can argue with a 14 year old ?

Your main character is Sarah Kerrigan and you have two main goals, to find Jim Raynor and to kill her ally Crown Prince Valerian's father - Arcturus Mengsk. You control not only Kerrigan but the Zerg Swarm to do this, killing numerous enemies en route of course.

Kerrigan returns to Zerg where she decides to reunite herself with the Swarm and reclaim her homeland, with her are two trusted friends and former lieutenants, Abathur and Izsha. At Char she defeates General Warfield and kills him, though she prevents the Swarm from killing
off the survivors from his Dominion force. Then on Kaldir she lets her swarm harden to the frozen world whilst defeating the Protoss force.

She learns that she can find the power needed to defeat Mengsk on the Zerg Homeworld, Zerus, so that's her next major stop. I am not going to relate the whole tale or else it isn't of as much initiative for you to play the game, but I will say that once Kerrigan transforms back
to her Zerg status as the Queen of Blades, things get mighty interesting and a lot more hard fun

The game bombs along at a great pace and is a good challenge to the serious player who likes to kill things whilst working their way through an intriguing campaign backing. What I am saying is that it is not all mindless violence for the sake of it, there is thought behind it.

The final scene sets up the last part of the trilogy and leaves the player, as all good games and films should, satisfied but really wanting more.


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