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Q has returned once more to spread joy and cheer to the mortals of the galaxy! From Thursday, December 5th 10am PST, until January 16, 2014 10am PST, Q’s Winter Wonderland will again be available to visit by speaking with Q on Qo’nos, Earth Spacedock, or New Romulus Command. Q will transport Captains to his festive valley to celebrate with their favorite winter activities.
Winter Invasion:
This year, Q has created a delicious gingerbread colony, and in traditional Q fashion, sent his legions of animated snowmen to attack it. For his further amusement, he will shrink players down so they can save the confectionary colonists from the evil snowmen. “Winter Invasion” is a cross-faction event, available to participate in via the PvE queue, for players who are level 10 and up.
In addition, all fan favorite Winter Wonderland activities will be returning, including:
  • “The Fast and the Flurrious”, the competitive race that rewards Epohh tags to breed special winter Epohhs that can be kept as non-combat pets, or turned in for Marks.
  • “The Fastest Game on Ice”, the race that grants players coveted glossy pictures of Q to redeem for a new starship.
  • Players fight the snowmen that Q brings to life to win holiday commodities.
  • Players search for hidden accolades around the map
Note: The minimum level for players to participate in Q’s Winter Wonderland is 10+.


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