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Announcing Artisans of Splendent Vale, Coming to Kickstarter this September! 

We are happy to announce Artisans of Splendent Vale, a cooperative, narrative-driven, adventure game for 2-4 players. Created by Nikki Valens, designer of Legacy of Dragonholt, Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition, Arkham Horror 3rd Edition, and Quirky Circuits, Artisans of Splendent Vale will allow players to take on the roles of a diverse and inclusive cast of artisans and take them through a rich campaign that will cover the length and breadth of the Vale.

The Artisans of Splendent Vale is a cooperative adventure game set in a magical and unique land. As a troupe of artisans, you will explore the beauty of the Splendent Vale while honing your individual crafts. Experience a deep narrative campaign where your choices will help shape the story. Overcome challenges during tactical action scenes played out on specialized grid maps. Teamwork and careful strategy will be crucial during these encounters. 


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