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DREAMWORLDS - SPLATTER: JUST HARDER TIMES is a fast paced action game which has you, as Max (almost Mad Max if you like) killing just about everything, but not quite, that appears onscreen, but mostly Zombies of all shapes and sizes.
It can be bought online for €9.90.

Splatter is a top-down mouse/stick shooter at its core. In it, Max is drawn into events of absurd scale while he tries to fend off the world using every weapon he can get his hands on. Soon, flares turn out to be indispensable tools, too, as their light seems to unexplainably instil fear in the hordes of monsters. Equipped with these tools Max wanders through the city to search for other survivors, a new home and the reason behind all these events.

It is played in exceptionally good 3D and features Light/shadow mechanics, totally destructible environments (you can shoot your way past virtually anything, including blowing up cars and obstructions), Local multiplayer and cooperative play, Upgradeable weapons that can actually drastically change game-play (you get to choose - and buy with ingame cash - the upgrades) plus a stunning movie style storyline with plenty of twists turn and changes.

The top down view and the mouse / WASD movement controls coupled with the speed of the game means that you are often set upon by Zombies that come out of the buildings and fields in droves and from all directions. You really have to keep your eyes open, you gun firing and Max moving. Luckily there are sufficient health packages and extra ammunition and places to purchase guns that you never get bored on the same weapon all the time. Mind you I began playing it on the "Ordinary" level which is like a bit easier than Normal on other games. Then I moved onto the very easy "Harmless" option as I had no chance with either the NASTY and MANIAC levels, neither of which I cannot keep up with.

Other options include whether you want to play the Story or Arcade mode and whether you are playing solo or multi-player - you can also Load or Save games at the start screen plus the game will auto save at various points during play.

Sometimes you get a human to aid you by joining you for a while, other times you can rescue humans who are fighting Zombies. They continue to fight but it's up to you to ensure all the Zombies die (re-die ?). Sometimes humans aren't on your side and that's when things get a little tricky. There are also times when the Zombies have bigger friends who take more than the 3-4 shots to kill them - a lot more !

As I said I am not that fast on the controls, which is why I dropped down to the very easy level and even then I found some of the action tough to keep up with. I did find though that it was a good place to start as I could then move bqack to the Ordinary level and have more chance of competing. Experienced younger players will have the dexterity and speed of thought to adjust quicker than I did but I would still suggest that everyone starts at least one level below the one they think they want to play. It is fun though and good for some mindless Zombie blasting (of course I mean mindless blasting as Zombies are already mindless). For the price and the fact the upgrades are going to be free this is a game that is well worth owning and playing.

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Splatter – Just harder times is now available for PC/Windows. Purchase the game now and download it immediately!  It is a work in motion so keep checking for updates.

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