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We’re incredibly excited to announce that Gameloft has teamed up with everyone’s favourite web slinging superhero, Spider-Man! Introducing Spider-Man: Unlimited, the first web-runner set in a hand-drawn comic universe. 
Check out the launch trailer here

Spider-Man: Unlimited is out now to download for free:


Gameloft and Marvel Unites the Spider-Verse with the Release of Spider-Man Unlimited for Smartphones & Tablets

11th September, 2014 – Gameloft, a leading global publisher of digital and social games, has teamed up once again with Marvel to release Spider-Man: Unlimited, the first web-runner, featuring a brand new Spidey episodic adventure in a hand-drawn comic-verse, with one of the largest selections of playable Spider-Men in any game at launch.

“Gameloft is thrilled to be working again with Marvel to provide Spider-Man fans with a faithful recreation of the comics, combined with an action-packed, chaotic runner experience,” says Karine Kaiser, VP Marketing & Licensing at Gameloft. “With Spider-Man Unlimited, fans will enjoy a narrative-driven adventure featuring all of Spider-Man’s unlimited powers.

Spider-Man Unlimited will be a runner like never before, featuring Spider-Man’s powers of swinging, fighting, wall-climbing and more in a hand-drawn Comic-Verse, inspired by 50 years of Marvel Comics. The iconic Spider-Man must recruit an army of Spider-Men to run, swing and fight through the Spider-Verse to stop the Sinister Six, who have opened a dimensional rift to our world. Fans will be able to face these villains, and their dimensional counterparts, in a story-driven episodic adventure starting with the Green Goblin, the Vulture and Electro. The game features unique content, including Spider-Man cards that fans can collect, upgrade and fuse, and will feature newly released Spider-Men every 1-2 weeks after launch. 

Spider-Man Unlimited is available for free on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, and Windows Phone.

Experience the first glimpse here:

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Track the Spidey buzz with the hashtag #IamSpiderMan.

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