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Speed limit is a platform game where you're running through a train while avoiding armed police. In what stood for (almost) 3D in the old-days SPEED LIMIT expects you to duck or jump over the bullets and grenades, which are represented (as are the characters and vehicles) by old-school blocky graphics, as well as flying in a good-old dogfight and driving on a multi-lane highway.

As you would expect, there are different levels of experience / difficulty. I had SPEED LIMIT on easy and couldn't get past the 3rd carriage, so its not the easiest game to play. But it's nostalgic, being a game I would have happily played on the Atari ST back in the day. 

Despite the 80s style graphics, and against my inner feelings, I couldn't help but get somewhat addicted to the fast pace and continual speed of play. If you want a game with action and then some respite this is only half of that game - there is no respite. Hope you can grab your breath while struggling to hang in there.

The Controls are truly basic, just move and jump and crouch depending on what is coming after or at you. The movement is scrolling with top-down views from various angles.

SPEED LIMIT is non-stop total chaos, so get ready to fight and die and fight again (with a lot of running and dodging between every demise). This is one heck of a crazy game.

The (im)moral of this game is 'Those who die and don't run away, live to die another day (sort of)'.

PublisherChorus Worldwide
DesignersJan JuracicVanja Karanovic
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One

Personally I still don't understand the need to pay nigh-on $500.00 for a top of the range 2021 console to play 1980 style games. However, having said that, I still play 7" and 12" vinyl records from the 1960s. I had to say '1960s' rather than the Sixties because some of my friends would have thought I meant the 1860s as they believe I am that old - sometimes I feel like maybe I am too!

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