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This is a multi-player multi-team all action 3rd person viewpoint combat game from Microsoft/Atari which
uses the famed Unreal Engine.

Developed by Zombie studios it allows for 2, 3 or 4 teams of heavily armed forces to run round pre-built or
custom built battle areas - part of the fun is building your own team designed battle arena.

It is for 18 year olds and upwards as it contains a lot of violence, though I would have thought that obvious being
the nature of ground infantry warfare.

Choose a basic character at level 1, probably John or Bruce (Hawk is level 12 and Dan level 29) and jump straight
into the action by finding a game and joining it. You will be assigned a team but if there is room on another team you
have the option to switch teams.

Once you spawn you can move off using the regular WASD and mouse button firing system.  If you doe you respawn
after a few seconds but not always back into safety - I have respawned and immediately been killed again - painful.

As you progress you gain levels and of course can get better equipment and weaponry (Weapons & Gear tab). Your
career is recorded for you as are any achievements you get and there is a leaderboard to let you see how others are
faring and where you stand in comparison. (I think I am currently 100001 out of 100000)

Drawing on the better aspects of many of the other action shooter combat games available Special Forces Team X
does everything you expect and with a style of its own.

"You get exactly what it says on the tin"  Nothing pretentious here, just good solid hunt and destroy kill them before they
kill you action. . Not much in the way of planning and the skills required are a fast eye and a faster trigger finger, but it is
a lot of edge-of-seat fun, and even being able to see opposition ID tags in advance doesn't tell you how your adversaries
will react, so you are always on your guard.

Sticking in with your team is the best way to go but as you aren't really communicating with them it isn't easy to do. If you
can stay with team members though you have a better chance of success.

Fun, fast, deadly, all the things you need this genre of game to be.

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