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SPACE RUN GALAXY:  Passtech, Ampoule and Focus Home Interactive

These are my observations based on several hours of play. 

This is a game played over the internet on local or international servers. It could easily be the computerisation of an 80s style boardgame or even a computerisation of an 80s style computer game. I say this because although you cannot see them onscreen, the game is hex based. You begin with a regular shaped spacecraft, at least as regular as a spaceship can be when it is made of hexes. Each separate hex, apart from one - the cabin - can have different modules overlaid on them such as extra thrusters and cannons but while you are making the spacecraft safe for its runs into enemy territories you also have to ensure that you leave room for the cargo that you need to deliver as by number and type cargo also needs its own space.

It is typical of the majority of collect and deliver type of game except that instead of buying goods at one planet and selling them for a profit at another you are hired to take certain amounts and type of cargo to another planet and are paid according to the number of pieces that you get there safely. You also get experience on these runs so that eventually you can build up a nice fleet of your own ships which you can use to transport more goods and make more money to spend .. on your ship! It's a sort of sci-fi merry go round where you can buy and sell to and from (or from and to) other players.

The movement is mostly sideways, left to right, and up and down, like the old Defender game, in fact the game has a few elements of the genre known as "Tower Defence" though I wouldn't strictly class it in that body of games. I never played the original "Space Run" but apparently there were some issues with the play and glitches in the play of that game, plus it gained a bit of a reputation for being repetitive. I would say that Space Run Galaxy has successfully addressed two of those issues, the third, repetition, is still disconcertingly relevant.

Space Run Galaxy isn't the type of game I like to play a lot. This is a personal opinion - I also don't play the amazing Settlers of Catan boardgame, Monopoly or World of Warcraft too often either, though I have had many long sessions with each. I like playing with other players but because of the time I have available for free play I prefer to play solo as then I am not messing with anyone else's game. With side-scrolling games of this ilk I am quickly killed off or destroyed or I lose my cargo; whatever bad things that can happen usually happen to me, because the game requires more time, concentration and thought than I usually have to give it. 

There isn't anything that comes immediately to mind to compare Space Run Galaxy fairly to. I have said it is a revised version of Space Run, that it is a side-scroller like the old Defender, and that it is being called a Tower Defence game by many, but I cannot think of any game close enough for a specific comparison.

Is it good ? Well it ticks most of the boxes; Graphics, Sounds, Combat, Defence, Trading, Thoughtful Adversaries, Arcade Style etc. So I would suggest you watch the Trailer (click on the opening picture to this note), so yes, you could say it is good.


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