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Steve Jackson (the English one) wrote the Sorcery books on the back of the success of the Fighting Fantasy adventures he shared with Ian Livingstone and others at Games Workshop. There were four books in the series, published as 3 books in a sleeve and the fourth one separately. They were originally published by Penguin Books in 1983: In order the books are: The Shamutanti Hills, Kharé: Cityport of Traps, The Seven Serpents and finally The Crown of Kings.

They have recently been produced by Inkle as a trilogy of games for the PC but still based on the stories in the books and thus giving you similar choices. Instead of going to Page N, reading the paragraph and selecting which page to go to next or whether to fight the monster or un away, you now get to select your path along a map and to interact with the characters and monsters you encounter along the way.



About Sorcery! Part 3: The Seven Serpents

Spun off from the popular gamebooks of the 1980s, Steve Jackson's Sorcery! is a narrative game with a massively branching, choice-driven storyline. With the city of Kharé at your back and the sacred Crown of Kings driving you forward, Sorcery! Part 3: The Seven Serpents provides the toughest challenge yet as you attempt to cross the cruel, cursed wasteland of Kakhabad.


With rations dwindling and seven deadly serpents stalking you through a barren desert, only the most resourceful adventurers will survive. And with no set path to follow and time itself rippling like a flag on the wind, this adventure could lead you around in circles -- or a thousand years into the past.

Okay, graphically it isn't the best game you will play, but when you remember that you are actually playing a book the somewhat 2D style animations and block page text only add to the enjoyment . Even if you have, as I did many years back, played the books through to their conclusion it is worthwhile playing them again now in animated form. Think about reading the Harry Potter books and then seeing the films, so much alike bu so different in places and that is what SORCERY from Inkle is like.

It isn't so easy to make a series of books come to life without spending the £millions (on HP and LoTR as examples) but this is a darn good attempt plus it re-ignites the flame for once again delving into the Fighting Fantasy universe.

Sorcery! Part 3 includes:


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