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SON of NOR is a single or co-operative action adventure game that was introduced on Kickstarter.

It is currently being developed for release (to my knowledge) in the near future but can be seen online in various stages through Developer Diaries
which you can find by searching "Son of Nor" on Google. There are also some sites offering "walkthroughs" but of the several I tested none had any
actual hints or clues and certainly no walkthroughs.

SON of NOR is going to have a lot of appeal to players who like their adventures spiced with something a bit different. Son of Nor certainly has a
different approach to combat and action than any other game I have played. You create your character and name him before deciding on an easy,
or hard game experience.   I settled for normal but soon wished I had taken the easy path.

With no manual to guide me I set about experimenting with the keys and mouse buttons. WASD is the basic movement while moving the mouse
for direction; the mouse also gives a camera view of your surroundings if you are stationary. The F key open up your journal in which you will see
your current objective whilst the [spacebar] is, as usual, your jumping button. A little different from the normal here as F has fast become the Action
key of game designers choice and J would have been more logical for Journal.

Then we have the fun buttons and keys: The [Shift] pulls small rocks and logs etc from the surrounding area into the air and then drops them, on your
adversaries if you have aimed correctly. [Shift} also allows you to pick up objects and weapons dropped by enemies etc, but for throwing only, not for
wielding. Throwing anything at an enemy can be deadly for them.
The left and right mouse buttons terraform the earth into mini mountains or deep wells; the latter is very useful if you have to get under a large overhang
of some kind.

If you touch a fire bush you die. If you get hit by arrows or swords a couple of times. You die. If you fall or jump from virtually any height you die, or
get badly injured. Injuries are shown by your body decomposing as is damage when you are in combat. Running away usually allows you to outrun, if
only for a short while, your opponents, during which time you generally fully heal.

SON of NOR can be played solo, with split-screen or full screen, and likewise as a dual cooperation game with a friend. In fact there are certain areas
that you can only get to if you are playing cooperatively as you need both characters to join together to lift heavy objects that may be blocking a path or
blocking a passage into a tunnel or cave.

So far I have found SON of NOR interesting. I haven't played co-op yet, only solo, and the vast emptiness (apart from lizard type enemies and insects)
seems just that, vast and empty. With little going on onscreen there is a feeling of despair. Visually it is neat and accurate as far as dunes and hills go, but
there is no atmosphere and at present I have no empathy with my character. This is early days yet though. With the powers that my character has I am
going to enjoy discovering more and hopefully as I get deeper into the game (and when I fully comprehend the story behind my being where I am and who
I am) more will be revealed. For now, it is a very interesting intelligent adventure of exploration.

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