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A Steam PC story driven war game from   Rocwise Entertainment   Video of Game

Regular WASD movement with [Shift] and Direction allowing you to run. A mini map shows the position of you and your three buddies plus Red dots for where the enemy is and an outer-edge arrow moving like a crazy compass needle informing you of where you are supposed to be heading.. Ammunition collecting points on the way, the easier the challenge you take the more ammo there is for you.

In this first-person shooter you take on the role of Hakan, now the Toyga of the Akinci Warriors, a secret organisation in the Republic of Turkey. Along with three other heroes you fight enemies of the state, terrorists, using intelligence from several sources including the Akinci and the Republic of Turkey. The three supporting heroes do their own thing most of the time but generally do not move forward until you do, though once they begin to follow you they often overtake you if you are being over-cautious. You need to be careful because if you get killed the Mission is over.

Actually that's not quite true because when you die you resurrect at the last auto-save spot. This can be quite a way back and you have to go through all that you have previously done again. You have the advantage of knowing where the enemy are to be found but you still have to deal with them again before you can move on, thankfully as you learn so does your team so they don't take the same route every time. 


When it comes to combat you can shoot from the hip but not with much accuracy, you really need to take aim by using the RMB to bring up the sights. When you look through the telescopic lens you see the tip of the sights and an up-pointing orange chevron, it is this chevron that you need to line up with your target. If you make a headshot you are rewarded with a skull in your sight for a quick moment.


Each of the protagonists have a call-sign that can be seen above their heads as you get close to them to help you not shoot at your comrades. As Hakan your call-sign is "Eagle" and you are on a revenge mission, wanting vengeance for your father. Your support team are: "Hawk" - wears orange tinted glasses - is a professional marksman. "Owl" is the joker in the group but deadly serious with a blade or explosives. The final member is "Vulture" who is an expert with heavy machine guns and assault weapons. He is also the linguist of the team and surprisingly is the top infiltrator; I say surprisingly because he is 6ft tall and weighs 180 pounds, not exactly the type I would have thought to go unnoticed amongst Middle-Easterners.


SOLDIERS of the UNIVERSE uses the UnReal 4 Engine and various production techniques of NVidia to great effect. Everything in it, except maybe the locations, I have played before in games like Call of Duty. It is good despite and because it follows the regular formula of first-person shooter wargames and so you know what you are going to be doing Mission after Mission. 

The locations give the game just the right atmosphere and the situations turn up the intensity level to eleven. You want to walk along with your eye fixed to the telescopic sight but of course that means you are blind to everything else around you and so you have to mainly rely on the enemy to take a shot at you so that you then know where they are hiding and can bring up the sights and take your shots. If you are slow in getting to cover or replying with accurate fire then you will spend a lot of time restarting from the last save spot recorded. Thankfully the enemy usually miss with their first shot, thus exposing themselves, but once you drop behind cover the moment you pop out to have a look and try to get a shot off the enemy now knows where you are and has a bead on you. Generally one shot (unless it's a headshot) will not kill you and resting in cover will bring your adrenaline/health back up to allow you to continue.

I have noticed that when an enemy sniper is shooting at me my support team rarely shoot back at him, they are too busy looking for their own targets and therefore, as you are the leader, they consider you to be able to look after yourself. Throughout the locations you will go past crates and boxes, broken weapons and blasted vehicles, any of which may carry the "Press E for ammunition" message and naturally if you then press E it will fill your ammo to capacity. The R key will reload your current weapon or if you try to fire when empty it will auto reload, but that loses you time and possibly puts you in harms way.


SOLDIERS of the UNIVERSE is an indepth action adventure. I know it's a cliché but this really is a case of "if you like first-person shooters ....."


Operation Areas: 

 Cizre / Sirnak / Turkey.  Babylonian, Arabic, Assyrian, Medes, Persians.
 Nusaybin / Mardin / Turkey.  In the basin of the Euphrates & Tigris, in control of Islamic armies.
 Jarabulus / Aleppo / Syria.  Arabic with myriad Turks.
 Al-Bab / Aleppo / Syria.  Aleppo in Syria.
 Sultanahmet / Istanbul.  Sultanahmet Square one of the most important places in Istanbul.

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