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Syrinscape is a program for your PC, Laptop, Phone or Tablet (etc) so that GMs can answer the age old Role-Play question

"What does the "noise" we can hear sound like ?"  

How many times as a GM have you said to your players "There's a sound behind the door. A sort of scuffling/shuffling/growling etc etc etc"
Then the players ask for a better description and you basically end up ssaying something like "It sounds like it may be a dog or similar. Or
perhaps it's a deep growling like a bear might make".  As a regular GM, especially back in the early days of D&D, there was a famous or
infamous dungeon adventure by the Judges Guild called "Tegel Manor". This was a most ambitious adventure book with huge maps of rooms,
corridors, passageways (secret and open) and all manner of things one might find, see, hear ina manor. Some of the passages on the map had
text (for the GM's eyes only) that said things like "a whispering sound here" or "a weird sound can be heard here" (my memory isn't good enough
to remember the actual words  but these are close enough). The problem was that there were no descriptions anywhere as to what the weirtd sounds
were, how fast or loud the wind was blowing or what was being whispered.

Syrinscape is building and learning all the time so that it allows the GM to push a button and have the required sound emit from the strategically
placed speaker(s). Then it is up to the players to decide what they think is waiting for them.

The more is grows and expands the more sounds and settings become available. Imagine your local market, or better still, the next time you are at
a market (or pub) take the time out to have a drink at a food stall, sit down to drink it (so you look like a normal market visitor) then close your eyes
and  listen to the sounds around you. Now try explaining these sounds to your players the next time their characters are in a market or a pub. It isn't
easy. But with Syrinscape it is - in fact there are actual settings for the Market, Traders setting up their stalls, a Tavern, and even a Bar room brawl.

There is already a good selection of soundsets and all the time players and users are sending in their ideas via the forums and the designers are taking
notice of what they are being told. They obviously cannot create everything, at least not in the near future, but they are depending on feedback.

Here are some of the URLs worth taking a look at, plus of course you should seek out and download the free app - it comes with two
free soundsets. Other soundsets cost either per set or there are monthly subscriptions to gain more access.

What is Syrinscape?


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