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Andrew & Jenny Harman are the owners of YAY! Games and the designers, either together or singularly, of YAY's impressive quickly created portfolio.

They have assembled and dissassembled Frankenstein's monster, revised Rock, Paper, Scissors, taken the 'D' out of Dominoes and have recently released the Gruffalo to the world. The question they may thus ask is "How do you catch a Gruffalo?" and in YAY terms the answer could be "SNAGGIT" (okay it only makes some kind of sense as a 'joke' as Snaggit has nothing to do with Gruffaloes). YAY! have successfully remodelled 'Snap!' into the 21st century. Is 'Happy Families' the next on their agenda ?

So what is SNAGGIT?
This game is a limited edition of 300 and comes in a can. (mine is number 'blank/300' and in a box, thus making it easier and lighter to carry). The card quality is very good and is viable enough to withstand lots of playing. The rules are also on cards, so no rules sheet, just 8 double-sided cards of the same size as the playing cards, landscape print instead of portrait. 

SNAGGIT is another game of the genre of one-handed speed grabbing. But it is not 'just' another game the same as any other game in this genre.

Animal cards are laid out in a 'clock' shape so that all players can see the what they are, what Foot/Paw/Slither Prints (in the game this is lumped together as 'Movement') they leave and what Terrain they prefer, the latter two being circular clues, the animal part being the central illustration.

Other than the animal cards there are Blue CHALLENGE cards which determine the cards that need Snagging, and the means of identifying those cards; ie whether by Movement, Terrain or something specific about the animals.


Once the Challenge card is revealed the players DO NOT TAKE TURNS instead they all grab, using one-handed only, a card that has the required trait; only one-hand can be used and once the card is collected that hand can return to the table for more - if any comparible cards remain on display.

The illustrations are mainly good and the creatures immediately recognisable. There is at least one that is a little suspicious - it could be a small curved island in a stream, a body with what looks like two evil eyes and a fauna-type tail halfway along its back (it has a slither Movement and prefers a Water terrain, so could be a snake, lizard or croc/gator) - actually what it is only matters when the matter of Size, Strength, Speed etc come up as a challenge.


SNAGGIT is fast paced, drives you crazy as you quickly run your eyes over the cards on display and then as you see the one that matches another player snags-it before you. Your only chance then is to quickly see another one before they (opponents) get their hands back to the table, having deposited their catch. Of course you can challenge other players if you think they have snagged a wrong card. While you are disputing this the other players can play on around you - lose-win situation.

It's crazy, it's fast and it's fun! No matter how many times you play it never gets tired because of the randomness of the cards reaching the display and the craziness of the players. Games are short, 5-10 minutes usually, so it is ideal to play while waiting for someone or between more strategised games (as examples) and it is easy for younger players to pick up quickly, sometimes it is the young'uns who explain it to the old'uns.

There is a minor problem I have encountered. This is with GOOGLE not with the game per se. Every time, and no matter how I word it, I enter 'Snaggit' into the search engine is always tries to send me to a software site or store for 'Snagit'. I hope you have better luck than I have had searching for it.
Example: I typed in the Google search box "SNAGGIT card game"
Some immediate Results: #1 Site Snagging App | For All Devices |‎,  TechSmith Snagit® 2020 | Create Content with Snagit‎,  Snagit = The Best Screen Capture Software   etc etc etc
For the best results go to YAY! Games own site and follow the link from the online store and you will discover that SNAGGIT is a £15.00 game. We played it five times in one evening, had a great time with each game and all players determined that £3.00 per game in just one session was superb value. Check it out at YAY!


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