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SKYHILL: SURVIVAL is the Name of the Game   STEAM  £11.99
World War III has left you as one of the few survivors and luckily for you the war never reached your Penthouse apartment in the Skyhill Hotel. Life was good until you noticed your supplies were running low. When you headed downstairs, you discovered that mutants had filled the building, and the only way to fight them off was to craft weapons while you solve puzzles to get out.

Making your way through Skyhill is dangerous. Everything is out to kill you, and your stamina is weak. It’s clear that your character did not spend those three months in blissful relaxation working out. But there is no time to waste any more…

Key Features


You control Perry, a rich, what used to be called "yuppie". He owns the penthouse suite/apartment in the SKYHILL building and as the world below him went into chaos he watched from his ivory tower, happy in the knowledge that he had stocked up on all the essentials, food, drink, DVDs all the things necessary to ride out the storm.

Unfortunately for Perry this particular storm doesn't want to be ridden out and after a short while it is still raging. A while later it is still going strong and Perry is beginning to worry a little. Weeks later his supplies are diminished to the point of virtually being all gone, plus he has watched every DVD several times and there are no new programmes being broadcast; now he is really worried. The apartment is safe, but without sustenance Perry's body will soon shut down, so he needs to go search for food, drink, help and for survival.


World War III has throw up a myriad weird, and not so wonderful, creatures, and they have invaded the SKYHILL building (and probably every other building in town). Perry has only the use of his fists until he can find something better to use as a weapon. As you move Perry around so his energy runs down and as his energy runs down he needs refreshment to re-energise. Perry can locate all sorts of things to use in various ways and can "craft" odd things together to make even more useful items, equipment and weapons. To see what Perry can activate or interact with you need to press the [spacebar] or the RMB (Right Mouse-Button).

There are a lot of unusual creatures for Perry to find and destroy and a gamut of useful weapons to be utilised as well as all manner of other stuff that he can carry and use when necessary.

Graphically this is better than a lot, most even, of the free PC steam games, but then this isn't a free game and thus there is nothing wrong in expecting better graphics; the gameplay however is a different kettle of fish. It's a good idea, having to survive in a post-apocalyptic theatre - but it isn't new or unique.

SKYHILL is a game of trying and dying. You test yourself to the limit until you solve the current challenge/puzzle and often die at least once in the attempt. Each new start is somewhat different in design but basically the same. The zombies/creatures are a bit like old style Daleks, not in appearance but because they don't, at least to begin with, go up stairs. Thus if you are getting the survival kicked out of you you can turn and run upstairs to refresh without continually being attacked. You mustn't leave it too long before you turn to run though because the creature will get at least one painful hit on you when you turn your back; note the "at least".

The challenges are all manner of tasks, locating something, crafting things together, getting to certain areas and especially getting the elevators working for speedier movement up and down the building.You also have to work out which is the best way to destroy the creatures as some go down quicker when you hit them in the head and others prefer to die (again ?) with one or several thumps to the body.

Players need to decide whether this game fits in with their idea of the Zombia Apocalypse, for it is more like a you alone versus the world (and the world isn't particularly friendly) than it is an extension of the current favourite zombies of The Walking Dead(c)(tm).

Not my particular personal choice of game but I can see the potential in it as well as how addictive it could turn out to be given half a chance.


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