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SKYSAGA: Infinite Isles

The game that has taken the computer gaming world by storm is "MINECRAFT" from Mojang 4 Studios. If you go to YouTube or simply search Google you will find dozens of Minecraft games filmed and showing like trailers for the latest movie blockbuster. I actually know people who sit and watch these videos without ever playing the game, the mind simply boggles sometimes.

If you haven't seen SKYSAGA yet then you may wonder why I'm mentioning Minecraft. Just look at the screenshots on this page and I think you'll quickly understand. SKYSAGA was created by the Oliver Brothers, Philip and Andrew, (Codemasters, Interactive and Blitz), for Smilegate Entertainment after Blitz folded due to the influx of games on Android and iMedia which took away their business. Luckily they received backing for SKY SAGA and were able to hire some of their former staff to work on it. Whereas Minecraft costs just under £20.00 SKYSAGA is a free to play game.

SKYSAGE: Infinite Isles is an amazing game where each player/character begins on their own floating island. You can dig, build, combine, kill, collect, explore and do virtually anything you want to. If a wall is in your way knock it down. If you can't find a door smash the wall until you tunnel through. If you need to get higher, build a ladder using blocks.


As regular GGO readers will know by now, I am not a great fan of the retro era where game after game is nothing more than a blocky, pixellated, visual nightmare. In the 70's Fran and I used to decide which Pub to go to depending on the games available (okay I used to pick the Pub based on the game and Fran would go with me). At first the only electronic game was Pong (Blocky Table-Tennis) and you had to get to the Pub early to get on it. As electronic gaming progressed the Pub games got better and moved into space, and more importantly into colour. Then came the home computer, mainly fed by tape cassette or straight input cartridge and the game changed, so as to speak. Blocky games were slowly rounding off, edged characters began to look less like a number of pixels joined together and more like the cartoons we had grown up with. Slowly evolution took over and it wasn't too long before the characters on our monitors were moving as fluently as you or I and looking realistic (actually m ost of the onscreen characters look better than me).

And so we come back to SKYSAGA. Every character has their own island, their Home, in its own World (it's saved on the Cloud) where they can invite other characters to visit. Players can help each other build, solve problems etc. SKYSAGA is a massive multi-player game (not an MMO though), it is literally huge. Each World has its own adventures, mini quests and larger tasks, such as finding the Castle (there is one in every World) and discovering everything there is to know about it before locating and using the doorway (teleport) Home. 


To play the free game to completion takes between 30-60 minutes, though you can continue exploring and having fun for much longer. You can always find something new or simply just have fun digging and building and turn it inot your own private Minecraft, thus it can be seen as two games in one, in fact the actual game is very much a meld of several animated adventure games with several complex puzzle games.

Once the multi-millions of players have been captured and captivated the opportunity to introduce cash-play will be too great to ignore and therefore it will not come as a surprise that there are already plans in place to expand the Worlds and adventures, for a small charge. This isn't a complaint though, in fact I am already highly impressed that the game in its current format is being given away free, because so much work and effort has gone into SKYSAGA the overall cost of production must have been astronomical and obviously that has to be retrieved and eventually turned into profit. 

As the game expands players will be able to continue to visit Worlds and islands where they can find Key pieces to return to their Home and obtain new and often more difficult quests by handing them in. The Worlds will be different in enviroment and terrain. Each will allow the character to collect resources which they can us to Craft various items. For example you can craft potions, add abilities to items and even craft clothing such as furs for when the environment is icy and snow covered - though I am not sure if it will be possible to craft a bikini or thong for when the environment is extremely hot with swimming pools available on every island. 

In the meantime you should take the opportunity to just go wild and have fun ! fun! fun! in this amazing and extremely impressive Game.





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