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Over 1,000 backers have now joined Silverwood Grove, and as we enter day 3 we have 13 stretch goals unlocked!

We're extremely close to unlocking the biggest upgrades so far:

The Score Tracker and Player Score Tokens, to show the whole table who's the best Kookaburra!

If you're undecided about backing, by joining now your actions will help unlock these for every single backer.

The citizens of Silverwood Grove will sing songs about you for years to come!

And you may make 1,000 new friends too...

Take A Look At Silverwood Grove & Join The Fun!

Yesterday we ran a 24 hour 'Earlybird Launch Day Special'...

Where we offered Silverwood Grove for $15 off retail price ...

Well, many members of the amazing community took us up on our special and we're now at a record number of funds raised

plus steamrolling through stretch goals - the game has never been better!

The good news is that due to demand, we're releasing a 'Day Two' Kickstarter special at $37 for another 24 hours

So now you can still get Silverwood Grove for $13 off MSRP, and if you missed yesterday's earlybird deal, make sure to click the below link:

Get Silverwood Grove now

If you haven't already, secure your earlybird discount price and be notified on launch day at our Facebook Event below

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Launching on Kickstarter

USA: 9AM March 2nd (PST)
    UK: 5PM March 2nd (GMT)
    AUS: 3AM March 3rd (AEST)














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