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Sigantium is a new hardcover D&D and Pathfinder compatible RPG supplement featuring new classes, races, feats, magic, and much more!

Sigantium Academy of the Arcane is a rules supplement compatible with Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons 5th, 4th, 3.5 and 2nd editions. The book features a new campaign setting with the focal point of a school for archmages. The students of Sigantium are hand-picked by the headmaster and his professors from those across the land that exhibit the most magical potential.

New magic new and unique spells will be found within the volume, including new casting classes, archetypes, magic types, and a full-fledged spell customization system to create your own tools of magical destruction!

A setting that spans all genres of Fantasy…


The world of Sigantium primarily focuses on the nations atop the earth sized floating continent of Masada. Each nation that contributes students to the school is touched upon within the book's setting material and is wide and varied from elemental steampunk-esque airship nations, to dragon ravaged deserts, dark lands of war torn Gothic horror, Idyllic halfling farmlands, Mysterious elven forests, towering dwarven mountains and so much more!

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The Book: A high-quality 250-350+ page book, the more we fund the larger the book is going to be. Within the pages, everything you need to run amazing new characters and games focusing on innovating new magic and world concepts. It will instantly enhance any compatible game that features fantasy magic, and provides a peek into a massive new universe to explore.

The Adventures: Available inn the tiers, and individually in the add-ons, we are featuring three adventures by Timothy Brian Brown, each a fully Illustrated, softcover,  full-color 30+ page affair exclusive to Kickstarter backers only!


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