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Siegeworks is live!

After a lot of hard work and a successful preview, we are proud to announce that Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars' first free expansion, Siegeworks, is now live on Steam.
To celebrate this momentous occasion, Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars is available on Steam at 50% off, taking the Spotlight in their Midweek Madness sale. In the first
few hours of this sale we've already made it into the Top 5 sellers on Steam, so expect to see a lot more players in game.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteer moderator team who helped test the expansion and all the players who provided feedback during the preview.

Towns will burn!

From the human coastal city of Westerdale, to the wood elf swamp retreat of Serepha Moota and the desert orc stronghold of Ma Tinro, towns across the world are now open to
being sieged by players in either solo or coop mode.

Players Unite!

Players can now join together to form Alliances, allowing them to share information through a dedicated chat channel and send each other resources. This is just the beginning,
with more Alliance features in the works.

More to come

With Siegeworks releasing ahead of schedule on Steam, it's inevitable that some things were delayed, but don't worry we're still busily working on
them and will release them soon. Players can soon look forward to seeing:

Pathfinding - A new pathfinding system that will greatly reduce lag and improve performance
Unit Positioning - a new system for positioning units and placing them on walls

Unit AI - redesigned combat with battalions fighting as one, as well as a smarter new unit AI
Alliance Additions - more Alliance features and benefits for greater socialization

Siege Units - additional siege-related units to give players more tactical options

Stream and Speak

With more and more players joining the game, don't forget to join our Live Stream and our TeamSpeak Server
Players can also contact the development team through our forums and our Steam group

We look forward to seeing you in-game.

Kind regards,
Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars Support Team  Reverie World Studios, Inc.




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