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Siegeworks is coming!

We are really excited to share the biggest news since Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars launched - the imminent release of the Siegeworks expansion on June 18th. The massive Siegeworks expansion will greatly enhance the gameplay experience in the Online Kingdom game mode and best of all, it is absolutely free! This is a way for us to give back to the community that has supported us over the years, and aided us in polishing and improving the game.
Siegeworks puts a strong emphasis on expanding the game world, more than doubling the number of towns to attack on the world map, adding amazing new units to recruit, as well as introducing new Guild Alliance features.
More information on the Siegeworks expansion can be found on our website.


Release Schedule

We had planned to release Siegeworks on June 24th, but changes in Steam's schedule have brought things forward a bit. While most of the Siegeworks content will still be ready in time, a few things will be slightly delayed. As such, we intend to release Siegeworks in three phases:
June 16th - (Early Access) - The majority of Siegeworks content released, giving everyone early access
June 18th - (Steam Promo) - Siegeworks launched on Steam with a big promotion, additional content and bug fixes released
June 26th - (Follow-up) - Delayed content and features added, and any issues raised since release addressed


What is in the release?

The release will contain most of the Siegeworks content and several of the features, including:
Towns - More than a dozen newly siege-able NPC towns, available both in solo and co-op mode in the Online Kingdom
Units - New siege-related units for all races available to all players
Guilds - Basic Guild/Alliance creation and management features, allowing you to connect with friends and like-minded players
More - Various changes such as a new intro scene and logo


What is in the follow-up?

The follow-up to the Siegeworks release will include more content and features that are almost, but not quite ready, such as:
Pathfinding - A new pathfinding system that will greatly reduce lag and improve performance
Unit Positioning - a new system for positioning units and placing them on walls
Unit AI - redesigned combat with battalions fighting as one, as well as a smarter new unit AI
Alliance Additions - more Alliance features and benefits for greater socialization
More Units - additional siege-related units to give players more tactical options


While you are waiting...

To help pass the time before Siegeworks releases, why not check out our Screenshot Competition.
With insanely big prizes, including Crowns to enhance your town and game keys that you can give away to your friends.
All you have to do to is take an in-game screenshot, post it on our forums and if you are voted one of the Top 10 entries by the community you will win a prize.
Your screenshot can be of whatever you like - your hometown, your army, landscape, battle etc. - but must be taken in-game and be unaltered.

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Ever Onward

With the game in a stable position, most bugs fixed and our first major content update just days away, now is a great time to come back to the game as we add even more new content in the months ahead.

We look forward to seeing you in-game.

Kind regards,
Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars Support Team
Reverie World Studios, Inc.

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