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Shiny Loot digital store introduces new way to discover and buy independent games

Early beta access now available

Austin, Texas, February 8, 2013 — Shiny Loot, an Austin based digital distribution store, opened its door for beta this week and took its first step towards modernising the typical gamer's shopping experience.

At the core of is a trait system that allows users to search over 100 individual features of a game - such as randomized levels, user created content, or physics-based gameplay.  These traits can be filtered alongside every variable such as genre, setting, and price, delivering tailor-made suggestions that more precisely fit the user's interest.

Shiny Loot is completely web-based and offers all titles with minimal to no DRM. Users can shop, download, and play without barriers. Further differentiating from its competitors, Shiny Loot is purposefully staying away from big budget titles to focus efforts on independent developers and small to medium sized publishers.

The company recently entered its beta phase. The site is fully functional, including availability of over 200 games for purchase, but limited by access codes distributed through specific partners. Those interested in an early look at the online store will find beta code distributors via Facebook at or may contact our support for more details at

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Summary of Shiny Loot's key features:

Starting development in 2012, Shiny Loot was founded as the solution to a growing number of high quality, independently developed games falling under the radar. Customers to which these games are targeted often may be very interested but be unable to find them without hours of research. The trait and filter system solves this problem by bridging the gap between high quality games and gamers looking for a new experience.

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